Silverstone GP 6th of August

Yo… Milleman… I might get some scrubs… for silverstone…I get paid on the 25th so can see if my 2 local suppliers have and racetec/corsa’s/vipers for the day ??? want me to see if I can get you some…

Good to see some of the london bikers will be joining the Trackday… with the crew will be a good turnout :slight_smile:

ps I will be taking a decent pro camera so for pics on the day you can contact me afterwards for copies of them

Gonna be an ace day mate , really looking forward to it !!

Scrubs , sussy set up and a nice dry day and everyone’s a winner

Just 1 week to go!!!

Soooooooooooooo excited !!

Got my tyres sorted so all good , bring on next Monday

I’m sooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!

Who’s travelling up on the Sunday and staying the night and who’s riding up on the Monday Morning?

I know LMT and her bloke are going Sunday, so are is AfroR1 and his partner.

We’ll just be going up on the day - only about an hour and a half to get there, just enough to get properly warmed up, and relaxed, for the day

I am going up early Monday morning in the van with tyres/fuel etc . Gonna get there early doors if anyone else is early too - I will be in a white Transit with GKL signwriting

Whats the best time for spectators to get there ? Cos i wanna come watch

Hi Trix - signing on is at 07:30 so really depends on how early you wanna get out of bed

Maybe a chance to chat - finally LOL

Yes we just might, though once past the DMD i am in unchartered territory and I could end up anywhere

You will be ok - M40 jct10 / A43 signposted Northampton for 4 miles and you are there !!!

I will make sure I make an extra Thermos LOL

I was going to take the scenic route up and the M-way back,

Milk and two sugars please

Si, are you taking a set of spanners/allens and some duct tape?

ET ,

Taking my tool box with me in the van in case anyone needs it !

It is NOT the most comprehensive selection in the world but may just help someone out in a crisis

And yes , I wil be taking a roll or two of the " obligatory " duct tape just in case

If there is anything in particular you want me to take up in the van just let me know dude - providing I have got space for the " 10 " I don’t mind obliging dude

p.s . I’ve got your tyres in the car at the moment dude

Not sweet enough then Jax ?? LOL

Need to keep energy levels up,

PS You got room for my 400 … lol

If you wanna get to High Wycombe for 05:00 I am sure I could find a corner for her

Cheers Si.

Only other thing that I can think of is water - if you get round to it, it would be very helpful if you could bring along one of those big packs of bottled water (6x2l I think) - it looks like it is going to be hot out there on Monday. Maybe even get two packs, so that people don’t feel shy to have some. I’ll sort you out with some cash at the track. Not a biggie if you don’t though.

Good thinking dude - consider it done

Note to self - remember to put Bike in van AND make sure I’ve got the keys with me when I set off

Nice one

And remember the alarm fob. And boots, gloves, lid, back protector…

Camping chairs are also a nice luxury at the track.

What time will you be there?