Silverstone GP 6th of August

This is one of the Focussed Events Summer trackdays that is much cheaper than usual, and can only be booked online. The price is £99!! In my opinion a bargain to ride a track like this. This only got posted up last night and places are already going pretty quickly.

Book here -

Little Miss T & boyfriend

yep, I’m all booked. I’ve text a few people about it as well.

I’m sooooooo excited!!

ET - glad you and the missus got your places - turns out that Focused Events still had the " block booking " for us as well as the places released last night !!

Getting them to put the block booking back as available sale so should free up another few slots if anyone wants to go !!

Gotta be the best VFM trackday this year AND Niall Mac is gonna be there too if anyone fancies paying extra for instruction

See you all there !!!

Is that you Si? I’ve never put 2 + 2 together… doh!

Ahhh!! I thought it a bit odd that they hadn’t told G… Still, for £99 they can call my sister names if they want to

I thought about Nial Mac, but am going for some squishy hoops instead. Last time I had the front let go a couple of times and thought there were parts of the track I couldn’t go any quicker without losing the front totally.

Yep dude tis me !!!

I do get about a bit

Maybe we are fated to actually set up this Bikeshop idea after all

I’m gonna have to do Silverstone on my OE Dunplops as funds won’t stretch to my 2CT’s before then but will be a good excuse for being the slowest on track

Catch ya soon geezer

You twisted my arm SheWoolf (not that you had to try too hard)!

Just booked this for me and my boyfriend. It’s my first trackday so be warned, I’ll be pestering all you veterans for tips!


I’m really wound up as well!!! It’ll be wicked. AfroR1 has booked as well

Well done T , you will be well looked after

See you there


Hey…Can’t wait cos been meaning to do this track for a while.

Excellent! The more the merrier

Adz, Trigger, Johnny, Stan…???

Booked for brands with JB the week before mate. will see how tight money is at the end of the month

Uncle Tom Cobbley ???


so what time will we need to leave to get there and get a good garage?

You will need to get there really early ( about half six ) as signing on is at 07:30 although , with the number of us all going I am sure we can find space somewhere

im sooooooo skint… but 99 quid ?


very tempted by this have to give it some serious thought???

Ride up on the morning and you don’t have worry about accomodation, dinner, diesel… Or we can show you our pictures afterwards

Come ooooooon guys - it’ll be a good day. Get on it!!

damn, would have been well up for this at that price but flying back from NY that day