Silverstone GP - 2nd May

I’ve posted up a gallery of pictures from this trackday just gone. Four of us rode down there to watch a friend who’d already booked it, Clive, so after fifty or so miles of great twisties, we got there, then Rod and I decided to see if we could get out on track. We got the afternoon, and my god, it was lovely and warm, a real great time had.

I was still finding my feet with the K5 thou, nowhere near as confident as I used to be whilst on the 750, but more track-time will no doubt cure that! The bike is crazy on the track, very smooth into corners because of the slipper-clutch, well composed mid-corner and scary on the exit with the amount of power you have on tap. I was short-shifting in a lot of places so I wouldn’t have to worry about how much power I was putting down.

I was quite surprised that we managed to get two spaces so easily, on a hot and sunny bank-holiday Monday, I thought everyone else and their dog would have the same idea as us, ride down and get on track. Thank-you to Focused Events, very well organised!

It showered for one of the sessions, then rained hard for another when the intermediate group was out, but the sun came out again and blasted it dry, giving us a few good sessions. We also had a blinding ride home through more twisties, back to London. Thanks to Rod for that route!

Jay that was a nice day indeed! I enjoyed every mile on my little ninja. It cant stop to surprise me though ! I had to work hard throughtout the gears but I still can’t believe that its only a 636 engine!!! You give it some more revs and it still coming up… I loved it on that ride

We’ll have to swap bikes some time

sweet pics Jay… I’m dying to get over for a track day… Have to try and arrange a LB Members track day somewhere in the next couple of months and I’ll head over!

Looks like you had a good day Jay, lucky sod getting on the track for the afternoon. - does this normally happen at trackdays?

What did they charge for this? I’m desperate to get on a trackday, but never seem to have the cash - should just book it and have done with it… take 25% of the cost to keep the wife happy…

Supposed to be going to Nurburgring in July, maybe cancel and do some track time instead…

Yes, the organisors normally allow people to take unused spaces, it’s more money for them and spaces become available when people don’t turn up, or crash, heh. Get to the track! It’s the best place to ride a bike, full-stop! The half-day cost us £80.