Silverstone B&B

Just booked a weekend ticket to the F1 in July & need somewhere to stay for the weekend, I’d be happy with just a bed and shower but Travelodge are asking £189 a night!

Anyone know of a b&a in the area? Dont mind staying a couple of miles outside the circuit, Im thinking of leaving my car wherever I end up staying and walking/cycling to the track to avoid all the traffic

Cheaper the better, anything will do me! :smiley:

got a room here thats cheaper :slight_smile:

only 40 miles from silverstone :slight_smile:

Try trip advisor, might find a nice little b & b there. :slight_smile:

I normally use Two Hoots when I’m Silverstone or Hinton…

They can normally recommend somewhere else if they are full too.

Thanks for the offer Steve - only just see this but booked a campsite on the A43 so I can walk up to Silverstone rather than have the hassle of trying to dump the car somewhere & sit in traffic for hours trying to get in & out after :smiley:

Got a reply from some B&B’s that were all full to say that they had friends who werent proper B&B’s but were charging £70 a night still - Im paying £25 to camp per night now, got a bar & showers - all I need :smiley: