Silverstone 30 july...

You can book individually if this is convenient for you Danno. Otherwise each group booking of 10 at a time would get a discount.

Adz, am interested. I would guess overnight stay - & are most people taking their bikes up in vans/trailers?

i would be taking the van up the night before…

you can ride up in the morrning but its still a 530 to 6am start.

id rather pay 30 quid for a bnb and feel fresh for the day.

i called FE today and they said when they know the price the day is going to be and how many of us want to book they will tell me how much discount.

thing is im going to have to book it in one go so will have to collect funds from everyone that wants to come.

thats a bit of a headache…

i could book it on my credit card but then if people turn round and say they cant come that leaves me in the poo.

Pencil me in dear boy…I’ll know for definite soon. :slight_smile:

wat no en-suite:D

cheers for the headsup m8

put me down for inters

wat bnb u staying in adz

think that bnb night b4 is the best way m8. i`l be following u up in me m8s van

cool it looking like there will be a good gang…

what ill do is make a cut off date for the 10 to get a discount, when FE put the price up.

everyone who wants to come will have to get there cash to me by that date :slight_smile:

by bank transfer of cash!!

then if any more want to come they can book on there own, the discount will only be small anyway but its something.

frogga, last time i stayed in this little place 2 miles from the track, very nice…

lady got up at 6 am and made us a propper cooked breckie :slight_smile:

sweet so we sharing the double bed then m8 :P:D:w00t:

ok adz keep us informed with whats going on…

last time i went i stayed in a town called ‘brackley’ think was about a 15min drive to the circuit there was 3 pubs in the town but it was more like a ghost town by 9pm!!!

Humm definitely tempted with this one… already booked silver on the sunday 20th July… twice in 10 days…hummmmm

just change it E, do the 30th

provisionally count me in too. day looks clear in the calendar but need to check it on mon

uh oh, JB is coming to show us all how to do it properly :smiley: we’ll have 20 LB’ers going before long. whoop whoop

haha if by ‘properly’ you mean ride conservatively and make a mess of the bus-stop then i’m your man! :smiley:

difference is that its on a weekday and I have no more holidays left…

i have had the same trouble this year, no holiday, so started coughing about 2 days before the event, worked a charm.

eat some hob-nob buscuits cause a cough everytime :wink:

come on elad monday is the best day to pull a sickie!!

be a shame to miss it.

Hehe OK, hob nobs on order…in for this one…:slight_smile:

good lad,

Adz, how many we got now ?

Adz please put my mate GSXR1kboy on the list.

Any news on pay date?

Cheers :smiley:

Would anyone have space for one 675 in the van ? I would like to go there, Just not bothered to ride on my own.