Silverstone 30 july...

Brian is instructing at silverstone on the 30th of july

For those who have only done brands silverstone is a totally different proposition…

Its Big, long, wide and very very fast it gives you a chance to really thrash the be juzus out of your bike.

165 mph is possible on the hanger strait, theres also a lot of run off :cool:

whos up for joining him :slight_smile:

B (woolen wearing senior instructor)

ADZ booked (axe murderers)

GSXR Mark booked (axe murderers)

nuts booked (axe murderers)

Fridayman booked (inters)

nessbooked (inters)

collet21 booked


Frogga booked (inters)

phond booked


Danno booked (inters)

Steve booked (all on his own in novice)

Elad booked (inters)

arnie booked (inters)

johnD booked


I’ll be keen on this! :smiley:

To be confirmed, once I get check dates with diary

do you take novices with you ?:slight_smile:

any idea on price adz???

yes mate all are welcome if we get a load together it will be a mega day out!!

doesnt matter what your ability is so long as you enjoy!!

not shure on price dan, i think about 145 quid but personally i think its better value than brands…

come on mate you know you want to :slight_smile:

i think we can get a small discount if we book 10 places brian will be able to tell us.

Sounds good, I’m interested, do they use any part of the concrete surface or is it all tarmac ?

It’ll be the GP circuit, all tarmac

ill give smoota a call and see if hes up for it nuts…

errr and leo

who’s this being booded with ? hottrax ?
im skint this month as going to the TT, but will have funds by then, count me in !!!

Yes I’ll be there Adz, put me on the list mate:) There’s plenty of time to get a good amount of us going and we’ll get a discount once ten or more sign up. But we’d have to nominate someone to collect the money as it needs to be booked in at least a group of ten for some reason.

Collett, it’s organised by

OK, didn’t know that, was going to book it direct but the price isnlt on-line yet. Who knows FE well and can get the discount :Whistling: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ness and I will most probably be up for this.

I love Silverhoon - could well make myself available :wink:

ok great guys looks like we can make a good day of it!!

ill call FE and see if i can sort out how we can book and still get a discount…

dont really want to collect everyones cash…

put me down for this m8

havn`t been to silverstone b4 av the got power points or will av to bring a genny for me tyre warmers

I’ve just looked at a few youtube vids of Silverstone and it’s a fast circuit :w00t:


siverstone is a F1 track dude it some of the best garages in the UK…

yes it has power…

yes theres a tolet in most garages…

There is power in the pits for tyre warmers.

It is a very fast circuit and I love it.

To get the discount we will need all 10 confirmed names to give to Focused and they will want money up front, so whoever is organising it will need to collect cash or have payment wired to them before booking. I’d suggest no later then the end of May as this is going to get booked up quick.

just had a txt back from to others, they are both interested, but wanted to know the price, said around the £145 mark. we must have 10 by now ?

what happens if theres more than 10? only asking as interested to go but got to get time off work first…