Silver Blackbird M4 / A4 this morning

I slowed and checked you out because you had a blue lens or I thought I saw something blue on the front of your bike.

Gave me a fright because you seemed to be cruising on the M4 then the next thing I know you’re stalking me quite closely and I’d just done warp factor 1.5.

Sorry dude.

What time was this?

Wasn’t me… I barely flight over the M4 at Datchet this morning… Never gone on it…

I was flying down the M4 this morning about 8.20 but didn’t see a Silver Blackbird.

It’s the silver blackbird you don’t see that nicks you mate…keep 'em peeled!!!


wasnt me…mines not silver !!! :):slight_smile:

beware a black one on M1 its an unmarked plod, givaway is white crash helmet with badge on back :slight_smile:

About 8.20 - 8.30

Just behind me. Not likely to have caught me then hahaha

I’ll keep a look out for you. What are you on normally?

I keep wondering if thats you i see om the M4, you look different with your clothes on :smiley: (not in your jeans) :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooooo errrrr mrs…:slight_smile:

It varies, i’m normally in the car (blue Focus ST 07 plate) but on a wednesday i do ride into work on my 1098 (red with white boards). Oh and i am always in jeans and jacket with a Walker rep lid.

Mind you don’t get the “You must always wear leathers” brigade after you mate;):smiley:

Hmmmmm you have a double then PJ, but this guy wears textiles :stuck_out_tongue:

just look in every other garage PJ will be filling up :D:D:D

and the black one on M1 the rider has a very small police badge on back of lid, good job the old plod radar kicked in as approached at warp factor :D:D

It’s not every garage but i did manage to fill up this morning at 5.55am and then again 74 miles later at 6.55am Bracknell to Brentwood not bad on a FULL tank :w00t:

taking it steady were ya ?? :D:D:D

managed 160 outta my tank this weekend suprised myself :slight_smile:

With the new bike, not sure what the range is, have to test it out. 20L and fuel injection. reckon it’s gotta be good for 200 miles or more.

way you ride kev prolly 250 :D:D:D:D