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hi, i would like to ask; how do you get an avatar/banner type thingymebob in the signature area of posts?. i have seen cezar especially with some.

i have managed to get round the little box below our usernames to place an avatar but trying to work out how i can get the same in the signature area (even moving ones).

hope that made some sense, appreciated.

Go to




then if you want to have a picture there u have to use HTML, for example:

<IMG SRC=“”>

If the adress of your picture is

But please, bare in mind that it’s not advisable to put the pictures in your signature. It’s very hard to read and to separate the posts when half of the people have got flashing,shining, blinking images.ANd it’s especially annoying when one person with a huge signature posted few replies in one post.

In most of the forums that I belong to this function is disabled and I totally agree with that. I think that avatar picture is more than enough

Quite agree with you, Rottie, good dog! Also, could the avatars not be required to be work-safe? Due to several high profile sexual discrimination and harassment cases, in the City, having indecent images on my screen can lead to summary dismissal.


Just to clarify (we’ll add it to the t&c’s), we don’t allow NWS (not work safe) images to be used for Avatars or signatures. We’ll contact any member who does so and ask them to change it.