Sign of ageing - number 236

To all of you young un’s who ain’t got there yet this is the sort of thing that happens to you to show you are getting o-l-d

Sitting watching ‘East of Ipswich’ a film based loosley on Michael Palins experiences as a teenager on a Southwold family holiday circa 1958. ( Had a couple of obligitory Rockers on Bonnevilles in it by the way ).

I say to missus - "Yea I remember that - came out about 8 years ago "

Next day look it up on IMDB

Turns out it was released in 1987.


I am getting old…

1987 eh? Another sign of when ya getting old is when someone like me comes along and says “ahhh, I remember 1987. I was 5”

Don 't - I remember when Moto Guzzi made a sportsbike that was top of it’s class… thats y-e-a-r-s ago

1987? Yeah, I remember that - 'bout 4 or 5 years ago, wasn’t it?

Hmm… let’s think about that… I remember that storm but I slept through it. Just as well as my son was a baby and didn’t normally sleep through - bloody hell, he’s 20 in a couple of weeks! EEEK!

1987… I was 7 then.


Don’t rub it in - It’s made worse by the fact that two of the actors are dead - and they’ve been dead for 18 years!

Joan Grigson ( from Please Sir! and played the deaf old bat in Fawlty Towers…) was one of them Allan Cuthbertson was the other ( who played the Colonel in the Fawlty Towers ‘Gourmet Night’ ) …

tsk tsk

I think you’re on to a loser here matey! Chalk it up to senile dementia and move on eh?

Haha, I was 3 in '87.