I recently bought a pair of the above boots at the MCN show. They’ve been warn only on a handful of occasions and are in pretty much new in condition. They come with the original box. Unfortunately I just don’t find them comfortable so am looking to sell.

The original RRP is £240 for these, I got them at £165 and am happy to sell them on for only £130.

Please drop me a line on here if interested or might know someone who would like these, they are great boots!

Plum are these waterproof?

These are my size, but why don’t you find them comfortable, out of interest?

I’ve got them and find them a bit stiff, and slippery. I walked from Earlsfield to Tooting in them and BOY these boots are NOT made for walking…!

But they’re pink so I can overlook comfort haha.

They are waterproof.

Hels - They feel to inflexible for me I’m used to my all leather TCX’s rather than these which have a lot of armour and rigidity to them. Also strangely enough they make me shorter!

mmmm…the rigidity turns me off a bit (for once :laugh:)

I can bring them to a meet and you can try them out? What might feel rigid for me (ooooh errrr missus) might not for you?

didnt want to incomodate you too much but that would be ideal. Hels you in? tea hut this wednesday?

I’ll be at the teahut on Weds just after 7 :slight_smile: let me know if you want me to bring them.

the intention is there, its all to see if i have to work late today… i can confirm later on if thats ok with you. thanks for the effort! :slight_smile: