SIDI Vertigo Corsa size EU 47 UK 12

one of the screws is missing on the side of one boot - see pic
£80 ono
collection from E17 or W1

Size 12 damn, i dont know if they will me to big or are road boots tighter/smaller than normal soft shoe sizes if so i would have these of you…

Personally, I wouldn’t sell those. I’d give em away. Those soles are totally worn out and the holes are protruding. :ermm:

although I hate ruining ppl’s business, but hav to agree with Jaime on this one… £80 for its condition is too much…:ermm: good luck with the sale.

Yea. Don’t wanna $hit on his parade :smiley:

they did look very interesting until i sore the soles

Really are they that bad. i thought they where just a little worn… well to be honest did’t really look hahaha

New set of soles can cost up to £40. Add that to £80 for the boots then you could almost have a new pair.