SIDI VERTIGO boots and a SHARK helmet

I have a pair of size 7 SIDI Vertigo boots for sale, only used twice on a pillion, look brand new - looking for a £100 ONO

Also for sale a Shark Ladies Helmet, again used twice and looks brand new. size is medium. looking for £50 ONO

Ill get some pics up soon guys.

Id be interested but need to know what model they are :slight_smile:

same here

Mate, I’m sure we’ve still got some of your stuff, did you leave your leather jacket at ours??

yep, and ro’s shoes, a waterproof jacket and a spare key for the R6 lol…oh and some locks. ill organize coming over when im back from Canada :slight_smile:

Its these boots…god knows what helmet it is…but its pretty and girly

Emma will provisionally take the boots pending they fit. when can you next bring them to BM?