SIDI Mag-1- Images + Comments

Just thought I share some pictures of these boots I bought recently. They seem good, probably not worth the amount I paid for the them (£279). I had Sidi Vertebra which were about 7 years old and started to fall apart, I was impressed with them so that’s why I bought these.

Like I said they seems good but still too early to tell, I already don’t like how chunky the heel protection is as it come in the way when putting the kick stand down. The top strap/string tightening thing need to be longer.

Great timing as I need to get a new pair of boots soon. Are they waterproof though?

They’re not advertised as being waterproof but do seem to be. I haven’t been in heavy rain yet, in normal rain my socks stayed dry.

Nice! I was going to go for these but went for the Sidi ST goretex in the end. I found the mag-1 adjustement system a little fiddly for my liking and didnt want to spend any longer getting geared up. Also goretex is always nice.