OKAY now that I have your attention folks THEY ARE NOT WATERPROOF

I’ve been saying this for years now and have finally been vindicated. For '06 Sidi Black Rain Boots are only being sold as being ‘Water Resistant’ in other word they are gonna leak!!! ahahhahahah

oh well I guess Ride Magazine will have to pick another Non-Waterproof boot to recommend as a best buy

Do you feel satisfied now you’ve been vindicated, James?

Would the patented ‘Tesco Carrier Bag’ rain dispersing attachment help?

Sorry Charles…but as the boots are not waterproof, the fact they are leaking means I simply have a warm feeling inside 'cos you ACTUALLY bought them thinking that they were!!!

lol I wear my sidi vertigo boots in the rain and never had a wet foot afterwards. What do these people do stand in puddles?

Not been in heavy rain then ???

I got wet “toes” on Friday after catching a heavy (but short) shower while wearing my Sidi Vertigo’s… I reckon you have either been lucky or have great fairing.

Alpinestars MX-3 Gortex is the best “sports” waterproof boot that I know of…


Hahahaha I ride to work everyday no matter what the weather is like, so yeah I have ridden in extremly heavy rain. Never had a wet foot though

Not impressed.

Rode home in the rain today. My journey only lasted about 20 minutes.

Took my Sidi Rain Evo’s off … Wet socks.

Got an excellent deal at Infinity on them, but still not worth the money.

PS. I didn’t step in any puddles!!!

Errr…thats 'cos they are only water resistant Got to love Sidi…anyway its your fault for going out in the rain

Should have bought the SMXs from Alpinestars; mine are not even the waterproof ones but even in a downpour, my feet have remained dry.

Umm Paivi darling thats 'cos your scoot is like a car with 2 wheels AND you have a Toucano skirt too methinks

I do, indeed, but this was on Cezar’s little Benly. My top half was dry (Frank Thomas waterproof jacket) as were my little feet, everything (and I mean everything in between was soaked.

PS - By “car”, I’m hoping you’re thinking Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari…