Sid finally finished the Kawa rebuild

and he was so happy he even repainted it!!






(thinks - sh1t - that looks better than mine. . . :ermm: :crazy: :D)

well it does have both wheels on :smiley:

Yep - it’s probably worth more too! :w00t::smiley:

Looks great…Pity about that chewed up hole on the forks though…

I like to think of my Kawasaki as a Persian carpet:

a fine Persian carpet will almost always include intentional imperfections. In fact, there’s an old Persian proverb that says, “A Persian carpet is Perfectly Imperfect, and Precisely Imprecise”. This notion of intentionally including slight and minor irregularities is derived from the religious belief that God is the only perfect being and that attempting absolute perfection would be claiming the position of the Almighty.


:laugh: Looks great, there might be a problem when it comes to steering though. perfect for dead straight roads. You would be restricted to using this on a 6 mile section of the A47 just outside Great Yarmouth (although even that has a slight bend at one point, which could be problematic)

Tax disc is on the wrong side:D

That’s intentional Eezyrida - I’m going to use it as a wheelbarrow. . . :smiley: