Sickest thing you can see while filling tyres

ok I think we should make a decent thread of this, what I’m looking for is the worst (but funniest) thing you have had the misfortune to see, I will start.

About 3pm yesterday take the other half and little one out in the cage, tyres look low so go to fill them up, waiting in front of me is a smart car (you can see where this is going already) a bloke (remember here I say BLOKE) gets out of the car has no shoes on!! this guy bends over and to my disbelief he is wearing a Cheese wire THONG…

I did not know where to look, I wanted to laugh, but felt like being sick!!

So I have set the tone of you go people.

Maybe he fancies you…and is trying to impress…


A GUY narrowly missing me on my bike, when his car swerved out in my path…and why? he was picking his nose !!! EEEUUUUWWW

seeing a guy bend over in sainsburys and showing his hairy back!-yuk!

Better than seeing his hairy crack !!!

ooh im not too sure? crack or back?..

My misses first thing in the morning.

Maybe not sick but similar…

Saw an old ( 65 plus ) geezer ride up on a Moped wearing just t shirt shorts and flip flops…

… last sunday when the weather was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G…

Mad??? Must be

Nah, Charlie likes to hand round them Chariot Rainbow Sauna’s…yo uknow, the one’s women “never” go into,