Sick n Tired

here here nicley said gixxer & londonbiker my sentiments entirely… communitys need character and Barro is one of them.

Im not sure about the being picked on part, but I agree with the rest.

I think what we need to reliaise is that everyone is different, I personally don’t care what people say or what people post. I find the way this thread is going were gonna have to get Frank Warren and Don King in to sort it out… people may find this offensive… …I don’t I think that, it’s fcuking great and in a way rather apt, think of the monkey getting fcuked as Barro and think of the other monkey as…ohh better not say incase I get a yellow card !!

So it’s ok for people to watch monkeys shagging eachother!!!..If people let their kids read posts thats fine and up to them…what we are getting at here is the person we are talking about ( Barro ) brings a certain, how should I put it…quality to this site and livens’ up the place, don’t you think ?

Did you actually read my post and click the link about the trip to Brighton ? Shall I remind you…it was about chucking stones at homo’s and a certain someone agreeing it would be fun to do this…but then a few days later when someone posts about being gay or whatever, the goalposts move.

Please don’t take this the wrong way but I am not having a go at you nor anyone else, but if people are going to start a war, they should at least have some consistency in their posts and not change their mind one minute and then change it again the next


when i first started to actully chat on lb…i remember a heated post about muslims and such… ppl had diffrences in opinion /for and against…there was lots of banter, we all had our say and it was soon forgotten a day or two later…


i for one think barro is a really genuine bloke,who is a true biker,and is the salt of the earth…you tell me when there was an instance when he did’nt offer to help sombody in need?..or welcome a newbie with open arms and quill the nervs of those too shy to speak to anyone…

i cant expect to believe that if anybody had posted that they were offended by a comment,it would have gone unheaded by fellow member(s)…but to my knowledge there was no complaint thus…no problem…

i think if you worry too much about how easily you can offend somebody you start to lose the abillity to laugh at one another…wich is somthing we do all the time on here…jay’s weird shaped head…me riding like a panzie…flats with his yamaha…we’re all guilty of doing it…so whats so bluddy diffrent this time eh?

what…just becouse sombody has a diffrent sexual orientation…ppl start freaking out about offending them? ppl have the most wickedist sence of humour…(just go to G.A.Y. one night …you’ll see what i mean…lol)…and when you start treating them any diffrent…thats when they get the hump(no pun intended)…

to this end…we have all swore on the forum…we have all taken the piss out of one another on the forum…and we have all treated newbies with the same attitude that we’d treat a vetran on the forum…

this does leave a sour taste in my mouth…i must say…

not so smiled.

when someone who admits to being gay/homosexual starts a thread titled ‘Gay Bikers’ it is going to stir the humerous side of most of us. (That’s humerous not xenophobic)

Personally I have 5 close gay friends, I have dined, drank even skinny dipped with them. I am not a homaphobe (spelling?)

I have apparantly missed the offensive nature of that post as it was deleted before I had chance to read it.

If the original poster had come online after the initial post and complained about our attitude then fair enough.

Just because someone is gay does not mean they don’t have a sense of humour.

I obviously have missed something here (after deletions) I don’t get it.

Welcome one, welcome all as my boyfriend once said

You got two wheels, you’re my mate


I’m a lesbian so do I count?

The sat nite run thread imo is quite clearly a humerous thread and should not be paraphrased out of context, whilst Barro’s remark on the gay biker thread came across as malicous and offensive.The sick emoticon addage says it all.

I was actually shocked thinking to myself ‘my god, you can’t put that’. It just seems totally out of character and not a joke at all. I cant understand why he had to put it that way knowing how tolerant he is.

I really like Barro and it’s gonna be a huge loss if he’s gone.

maybe you should get to know him! the bloke is outstanding and is often on the end of my jokes as is flatout! and they never complain! the GAY BIKERS thread was screaming out to have funny comments and as with everything barro, flatout,gixxerboy and a lot of the others post its not meant to be offensive just funny!

just cause some people like to sit in their little politically correct bubbles doesnt mean that some of us cant have a laugh! I personally havnt got any gay friends doesnt mean i’m homophobic but if the opportunity arrives to rip the piss out of something/someone then i will take it!

if you dont like a post then move on the next one!

maybe start a new topic on the main page called the ZOO, then the animals amongst us could post stuff in there without the threat of getting PM’d. also people who are easily offended dont have to enter it! Nice warning on it stating dont feed the animals so people know not to write anything that will get ripped to pieces by the funny ones!

Weaver ffs, we are only trying to stick up for a fellow biker, whether you know him or what…who cares…Barro was only having a laugh and my point was that its ok for some people on here to say their gonna chuck stones at gay people but then when another comment is made ’ oh shit we can’t have that on here, Barro get the fcuk out, your banned for a week ’
Also if people let their kids read LB what a great first post for them to read…trip to Brighton lets go poke the newbies with sticks ( which I’m sure kids would love ) oh and while we are there we can do a bit of stone throwing as well…(at certain people)

Please don’t take this post OUT of context, it is not meant to wind people up.

Yes, I have gay friends and all of them have a great personality…they would probably be offended with all of this pussy footing around the ’ can I say this, or can I say that ’ without fear of retribution and upsetting the gay or PC brigade following on here.

No it did not offend me, infact I thought it was funny…


I was so upset last night! I really can’t explane in words… Specially in English!
I have just spoke to barro by PM and I do agree with those who said that he’s a genuin guy and brings fun to the community, not just that but he is keen on put an extra effort on organize events tha not many has shown yet. that’s great and most needed, no issues here at all. It just had gone out of control on the first posts of this very own thread. That’s not the way to express disagree with anotehr person or moderator.

On the other hand, I think we are all learning and growing with that! Reading this thread again after my last post I’m proud of all of you! Flatout, gixxerboy, weaver and others. We are having a civilised argument and working towards a better agreement for the community.

Funny you say that about the monkeys thread, ironically before I place it online i had sent it on PM to barro and asked him about if I should place it online or not? He told me to place it at the end of work time ad take off after so people from the offices would be offended. We actually have an agreement on that I did place there (NWS) which means do not open in the office. I have now taken it out as planned. My mistake and if you guys didn’t see whe funny side I saw? I apologise for that.

Now what lessons can we take from it? Problems we will always have! People that dont like each other will always happen. Let me ask something, if you are at the Cubana’s carpark you stay and chat with people that you like to be with, don’t you? If someone start to say bullshit you jus move to another circle of people and start to chat to them, don’t you? You will never more start a chat to that boring person again, won’t you? That’s it!

Virtually is the same thing! this is not the carpark! Unfortuatelly unlikelly in the Cubanas where you are if you are not near you won’t hear, here you can read the posts from the peope you don’t identify yourself and it sometimes give me a hot blooded urge to say F*** you! But i chose to ignore it! Do the same!

If you guys think that’s a good idea I’m sure that we acn set up a place inside LB where the hardcore chatters, lol, will have a place to chat without moderation! A non-public area where won’t be moderators and we can say and post whatever we want! I can post my naughty videos, and i have loads as a good brazilian. Charlie can post his boobies, barro can send us all to fuck off or worse. and so on! Anyone that choose to go there will know that it will be like that and can’t get ofended, simple! Let me know if that sounds good

Please look at the big picture! Think about all those girls out there you see everyday riding in london and those guys as well that are on a bike becouse they have to commute quickly. Those that work in he office or have family that share the pc! This people can’t have an messed LB on their screen. that’s the problem not this or that persons personality. Come on ? you think I’m playing angel here? I’m not! I’m very naughty and love to talk rudness but not online on LB!

Just to illustrate a similar situation, i asked my wife to buy me a copy of the dayly mail and daily sport as my friends in brazil want to know what te English media is saying about the World cup, they want to know how afraid they are of us. She bought it and went to her office so i calle her and asked if she read and found something? She replyed this way! “Are you mad? I can’t have a copy of those magazines on my office table!” Think of LB’s interfaces as the same! I read them but not in the office! Same!

We need help! Help us! Stop fighting, stop arguing! Come up with idea and suggestions! Point our errors and give us your opinion to get better.

Jay is now working like mad to get the next step of \Lb released to us! Come on look at the guy? He’s even losing his hair on that! lol… either that or tasha is giving him a hard time, lol

You wil soon have nice surprises from us! Loads of new things to get entertained. You will have your own LB blog and your own space… More than that I can’t tell you! (did too much already) We are doing our side here, yuo guys just enjoy the place and get together and stronger. Soom big companies will approach us as a community and offer big discounts etc… god knows???

Have you all a nice day and accept my apologises to any of you that I have ofended in any way! LB will still growing and clean as always! The rules are there to be enforced, if you want to chenge them? As a community you have the right to submit your ideas to us, do so!

Well im only a newbie so probably shouldnt have an opinion… but… going to anyway if thats ok.

Barro has a certain ‘je n’ai ce qoi’… Take him as backup anyday.

If someone needed help i have no doubt hed be one of the first with his hands up because hes totally passionate about bikes and he makes THE best mate anyone could have. (So you going to fix my damn bike or what Barro??)

(Bike pic pending… )

Stay safe. Look forward to meeting you all soon.

I am all for a private area where men can be men and women and be women and gays can be gays and black people can be black people and foriegn people can be foriegn people and we can all watch dodgy videos together …Cezar will provide the animal ones!

Seriously there should be an area called…how should I put it…" if easily offended, then fcuk off "


true true

you guys are doing really good work here and i appreciate it stacks…

i second the idea of having an “adults only” section… password protected would be good too…

I have LB open whole day in the office and most of the guys I work with are always hovering around my desk to have a look (and here I thought it was me )

There are two things I will take from this -

  1. Take things in perspective…

  2. If you dont like something say so… and it does not have to be in the public forum… (in the few instances when i did not like something someone had said, i sent them a pm and always without fail, was apologised to or the comment explained)

Just a thought to the mods…why not have a section called Barro’s Corner, and let him be the mod just for that section ?

Whaddya think ?

Adults only??? I love that! tha’s it! Adults only and definitelly not work safe! Actually only members should be able to read that, it would avoid children to access from other pcs!


Oh dear gixxer…give the Barro his own corner?? Like giving a kid matches to play with… Well ok then… certainly wouldnt be dull!!

I can see Barros first mod now:-

" so in colcusion the GSXR is better then the R1… edited because author clearly didn’t know thier bikes, hasn’t seen mine and it just wasn’t funny"

Good to see the LB love back

Excuse my ignorance…but i thought it was the R6 he was potty about??