Sick n Tired

Im so sick “n” tired of being “pulled up”…being made out to be a “bad penny”…

and all the rest of it…

It fucking bores me to think…a community is overseen in the way of whatever the moderator dont like …

““its abusive”” and ““sensored””…pm,ed with your barred …

fuck sake…

A Community is community…Ive read some stuff I dont like …but …

Opinions I have to put up with like we all do…we dont like…we move on and post else where !!!

I am not going to tolerate a self opinionated persona. When you get the right to be a moderator it isnt the right to be A GOD…gods are real …(to some) …

Moderators use a chat forum to administer their rights and they are limited…When you dont get the right to express and to forward your actual inner thought…then your being “governed”…

I have that at work…I have that at home…I dont need it here …from someone whos qualified to do what ??.

In an (Equal Community)…no one is a guvna !!!…Bollox…I am never one to be steered in a direction I dont seem fit…

“Stick it up ya arse ya wanker”.

(if not liked then email me for contact and I wont let you down !! )

Barro mate…

agreed we are adults and all heard a said alot worse, even more so that 99.9% of stuff here is Idle banter and chat if everything written and said on LB was just only serious stuff nothing would ever be added or responded to different people from all walks of life use LB all have ther own opinions so lets hear them lets joke about them lets have laugh and know not to take it seroiusly.

No wonder its so dry latley and quiet, seems you may get told off or closed down for saying summin just off the line, all we want is to expand a friend base and the easiest way i know is through humor, so i really think the rules should be a bit more leanient

thats all im sayin

Haha, flat’s there is no way thats all your saying man…

I personaly have never been offended in any way by anything on this forum…

Its hard to decern contexed and intention from writen words…


Its hard to decern contexed and intention from writen words…

never a truer word said amen brother adam

“Its hard to decern contexed and intention from writen words”

Especially when high on pain killers typing one handed (the other’s in a sling in case you’re wondering )

Have I missed something.

Not really but if you want to stay hijack a plane.

This country really sucks at the best of times freedom of speech WHAT EVER

Fair enough I respect your opinions about this. You have a right to them.

I’d rather you didn’t insult me on the forum, a PM would have sufficed, but hey, it’s ok. So I’m gonna let it be.

But we do have rules here and it’s my role to enforce them. It’s no good accepting them (by being a member) and then kicking off if you are deemed to fall foul of them.

I have no qualification in ‘Forum Moderating’ and will stand down should the people who appointed me deem it necessary.

Anyone else want their say?

And I’m moving it to Site Issues as that is where it belongs.

…its a glorified f**ing chat room

more or less yeah… well general chatter is…

I was just sad you were pissed off barro.

Dont even know wtf is going on realy…

yeah chat i bet the Newbie hasnt even commented on it its all wrong and we are all adults fusake

Err lost me there DJ.

Barro, you’re out of order, you made comments which weren’t appropriate the thread you put them in. I think you owe Andrew an apology, he’s doing a great job of keeping everything running smothly, as we’re all trying to do behind the scenes. Please don’t disrespect that.

You’re not being victimised, it’s just that there’s a time and a place for certain comments and we have to make sure the greater good of the community is put first. We take it for granted that we know each other so are comfortable with each other, but not everyone is the same, and for someone coming to it anew, it can be shocking or off-putting if some things are said!

I hope you can see things differently when the red-mist has subsided.

We all love bikes…

I wish i knew wtf this was all about…

Chat aside it is about the bikes and the love of them

if u read cub22 1st post in newbies you can deduce from that she is up for a laugh you dont come out with a comment like that on a public forum mainly full of male bikers without be hard to a few comments, and most of them didnt even apply to a gay female,

it could have been dealt with better a comment in the thread fom a Mod would have sufficed instead we have a show down and the person in question didnt even complain…

its all wrong… see ya

I make Jay words my words here! I’m not english and to be honest I don’t get most of the slangs and almost always I need to be explaned the ofensive jockes! I have never understood the British way to joke about others and I don’t want to!

LB is a place for like minded people get together, share informations, experience, get riding the ,repairing and enjoying the bike world. We all have our private lifes and work. Most of us work in the offices and some have children around at home. I have never been on other sites before becouse I always thought it was full of children playing my dick is ‘bigger than yours’, ‘I kill you’ etc… That was one of the reasons for found the LB with other like minded people.

Yes, it’s a public forum and everyone is welcome! As any pub and restaurant is but you can’t go there and have a bad inapropriated behaviour just becouse of that! We have rules and we want they to be followed! Our rules basically say one thing and I was hopping it was clear:

LB is a place for fighting, childish, porn exchange, sware, etc

I work in a respectable office, read LB is acceptable but only becouse it’s clean, understand it as is stated above! I’m proud of it, my niece and my nephew read it and they are less than 13. I want a place where kids can go and read about what’s it to be a biker? I want a place where people will look and say, ‘there’s a bunch of educated and polite bikers, if my son want’s to become one of them, I will be proud’

The world is like that and this virtual place to meet others is the same! If you like punk music don’t go to the opera!It’s as simple as that! I like them both and I know how to behave in both situations. We are what we are and we like our virtual place the way it is! If it’s not fitting your bill? Please we have a front door, go away to another place where you will find like minded people like you! If you want to look cool, braking the law, being chased by the police and think that’s to be cool? To me it’s to be a vandal! A holligan! That sort of people have other sites to go to!

What I’m saying is not for one individual or another, it’s for all of you out there! I’m very upset and unhappy at this particular moment! People just can’t see the effort we are putting on this place, all they do is to PM me to complain, to demmand, to ask it, to tell me to do that, it should be this ot that way!

We do not make money out of it! We should as it is costing a lot of money to keep on. I’m not happy that people come to this place and fuckup all the work we have done! Yes, it’s public but we want it on our way! The ones that like it? please forgive me for you have to read this, the others? Go away! Like I wouold ask you to go away from my bar or restaurant!

Do you know how many people ha emailed asking or offering help to me? None! to be fair two people did, one is helping with locations and other with the posters. That’s all!

To resume it, Andrew has all the power to do what he decides is the best for the LB’s interest! I’m not good in write it properly but I’m at the Cubana’s meeting every Wednesday and if you want more explanations of what we are and where we want to go? I can tell you it all in person, just approach me!

Barro, you don’t take it personal to you as a person! You put me on a position to defend my virtual place and I have to do it! If you want to talk like you did tonight to me in person? I will have a beer with you and I will shgow you that I can be rude and sware a lot too and have fun with it as well, we can take a piss of everyone including myself but not at LB! This is virtuasl but is still having rules and a code of conduct! This is not the street

Sorry to all that shouldn’t be put through this! Now I have my lovely wife and friends to care for after a lovely dinner we had and I was taken from!

Have a good night all !

So then by reading Andrew&7’s post about this trip to Brighton ( third or fourth down) does he condone this behaviour when he’s not posting on forums ?

Like Barro, I sometimes get a bit pissed off when people tell me what I can or cannot say, if you know Barro, you would understand that he is trying out lots of different ideas to help gel the biking community up ( summer trips away, hello to everyone in the morning, selling cheap alarms…the list could go on and on) and for him to be treated like a kid would wind me up as well as him.

Personally I wouldn’t post anything that I wouldn’t say to a persons face and I believe Barro would do the same.

End of rant.

Nicely put there Cezar.

As for Barro, I know what you mean mate thats just not an issue on the forums, its an issue worldwide.

Ive seen Barro arranging a couple of rideouts/meets and sounding very enthusiastic about it all, which is a great bonus for the community in my opinion. So keep it up barro, look forward to the meets.

I am new to the forum, the thing which I liked most about the forum is that everyone has their own story from their own walk of life. Every members style of post is different to the previous thus giving everyone a unique individuality. I would hate to see this fade because of “rules”, there already is too many of them in this damn country and that is more than enough!

At the end of the day were all “adults” so we should try and be open minded about some issues.

I dont spend alot of time on the forums, but I definetly will be at the meets and this site is an excellent way for a new biker like my self to get to know other bikers and join the meets/community.

“You’re not being victimised, it’s just that there’s a time and a place for certain comments and we have to make sure the greater good of the community is put first. We take it for granted that we know each other so are comfortable with each other, but not everyone is the same, and for someone coming to it anew, it can be shocking or off-putting if some things are said!”

Great point. I can understand what your saying there Jay.

I agree with you and I like the way Barro is! He just has a very short temper and says things without think. I have actually invited him to come to my house on sunday for a beer and watch the race, I don’t do that to everyone! And I still would like to have him here. It’s not person at all at his person but the actitude in a house like LB. I have many friends and it’s not becouse of friendship I won’t say what I think and I think he was wrong togehter with others that were being abusive! To me it’s part of a building friendship! Be able to disagree and put things straight. Before anyone start to ‘help’ LB please make sure you know what we are and where we want to go!

Barro knows it and I’m sure he will see it as soon as he cools down! This way I hope anyway as Barro is incredibly carismatic when he want’s and very simphatetic as well but this other side has to be contained in public at least. Some pedople are very sensitive and I would like to respect them!

That’s fine Cezar…I agree with you, but it does seem like Barro is being picked on by certain member(s) I think that he is a top bloke and he brings an atmosphere to LB that makes him very likeable, don’t you agree ?

For him to be silenced is like Corsa having to ride a GS 500 and not a GSXR 1000…STUPID