Sick Ape

I’m back on Public Transport because my Aprilia is sick :crying:. I’ve got coolant in my oil suggesting there is a failure in the engine sealant, which if left un-checked can cause some expensive damage (cue mr tattoo to say I told you them SXVs were shite :D).

There’s a bloke in Yorkshire who I’m going to send it to to fix, this bloke is the UK SXV ‘god’ - he knows more about these bikes than Aprilia do. Along with resealing the engine casings, he does about 40 other mods to the bike to imrpove it. Only problem is that it’s going to cost me a few pound notes so I’m back on the poxy trains while I save up some money.


sorry to hear that mate:pinch: as much as i like the svx i never went for one for this reason. if its going to cal you then the bike is in good hands but not your wallet:w00t:

Yes MD it’s going to cal, I know it will be the nuts when it comes back but I need to save a bit of shrapnel first! :pinch: lol

I know how you feel, kinda. Found this when I did an oil change on my 520EXC yesterday - so the motor’s going up to a fella in Yorkshire who’s the RFS god :wink: .

Can’t complain really, the bike’s had it’s nads thrashed for 10 years now without a rebuild, was just a matter of time.

(Means I’ll be on poxy public transport prolly for a month or so, which really hacks me off :crying:)

merry xmas alan:w00t: why not get the bike to adz, he local and did top job on my rebuild

Cheers mate, I ain’t Jesus but it is my birthday today!

It suits me to get Kev to do it coz a) I get door-to-door collection and delivery - for free, and b) Kev quite often has nearly new bits left over from conversions and that can make the whole operation less pricey.

As a matter of interest what exactly did Adz do and what did it cost?

Unlucky Allan, is that water in your oil too? Strange looking crystal formations there. My oil filler cap’s got the dreaded milky deposits which means the casing seals have failed and coolant is mixing with the oil.

Sucks to be on public transport, but it could cost me thousands if I don’t get it sorted :crying:

Thats metal stuck to a magnetic sump nut, innit?

Yep, fragments of main bearing most likely. Interesting shapes are just coz swarf is clumped onto the magnet. Lots of little bits came out in the oil …

So what’s up with the Riot, do we have a diagnosis yet? (Other than it’s shagged!)

40 mods for your bike?

get another bike which requires less.

gutted mate good luck with the wallet attack

Tehswerver said
"Sucks to be on public transport, but it could cost me thousands if I don’t get it sorted "

And now I have no bike to chain mine to, honestly some people are so selfish…:smiley:

At least you sold the 125, otherwise you would be even more in debt!

I feel your pain dude, the 6 weeks I had to endure the tube for when my bike was nicked made me fookin’ miserable.

cant remember off hand about price but sure it was £300 not inc parts.

this was what happened to my main bearing…

^^^ wouldn’t mind betting that’s what mine looks like.

Ere Daz, do you want to flog me your 540 kit? :slight_smile:

I’m in no rush to fit the kit but for price i got it i’d not find another that cheap. KIY not got any?

Oh well, no harm in asking. Don’t think Kev has one, no. But I suppose he may have by the time he gets my motor, which probably won’t be for another couple of weeks.

Try Mr Tattoo cos he did have a used kit but said is good condition :slight_smile: might still have it

I’m not sure I want to risk a used one, and Lee isn’t noted for discounts. But just checked out Eurotek - a new 540 kit costs £817 :w00t: - think I’ll be sticking to 520!

got mine well under half price :w00t: i’d not be paying that for one:pinch:

Another route would be to have your barrel taken out I think it’s 3mm have it re plated plus a bigger piston. Should be able to do it for a few hundred pounds.

HELLO MOTO :slight_smile:
Where you been?