Shy newbie

hey folks, ive been hiding in the shadows a while and thought i should really say hello.
Im a shy 30ish year old lass whos been riding for a year and have a CBR. I go to the Ace back and forward and still trying to find my confidence. Takes time i guess. Nice to meet you all :blush:

Nothing to be shy about, we’re a friendly bunch (well most of us anyway).

Welcome aboard!! :smiley:

Hi welcome to LB.:smiley:

see you at the ACE,soon we hopes:D

hello and welcome:)

Hi and welcome aboard.


post,post,post!! oh and noobie day is 1st Mon of the month @ Ace? I’ve yet to go to this :smiley:

Hi and Welcome. Get down to BM on a Wednesday evening and hang around until someone talks to you or even talk to someone that’s hanging around you (just avoid drunk blokes with plastic bags) …can’t fail :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB :smiley:


I’m sure theres nothing to worry about, look at it this way you will have at least one thing incommon with everyone else there.

I only signed up a few days ago but will be attending the next Ace meeting on 7th June. I too am new to biking so will keep an eye out for your CBR :)

when you get to the ace … look either for LB hoodie’s or even ask a few of the male cafe staff as some of them know members of LB and bold as brass walk up and say hello …

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hello and Welcome !:slight_smile:

Bite that bullet and say hi !!

Promise we dont bite on the 1st date !

Thanks for the welcomes folks :slight_smile: Im usually at the Ace on a Friday or Sunday, i’ll try to get down for the newbie Monday :w00t:

Welcome…I’m a newbie ish as well and will be going to some Newbie Ace meets…

Dont be shy or worry, I find having a few drinks before riding loosen’s me up abit;):P:D

Welcome to LB :-D…you havent told us where you come from? Or you hiding that away;)

Welcome! Ace is a nice place. I’ve been up there several times now, each time someone has randomly started talking to me. Great atmosphere with the bikers. I need to get up there more often, shame about the weather tomorrow!

Welcome CBRsweetie!

Time indeed. Some of the rideouts you will no doubt see posted here (in the Rideouts section) might be helpful for you join for gaining confidence - it’s all about putting the miles in.

Most of them leave from and finish at the Ace.