Shutter actuations

some of you may already know how to do this but you can get the shutter count off your cam with this little app

i’m on 27k at the mo. looking to pick up a 2nd 5dii at the mo so quite handy to know in terms of life of the cams. 5dii is apparently about 150k but never want to find out the hard way that that number is an over estimate!

I simply don’t reset my image number counter. I know I’m on 14000 ish

Christ I don’t want to know …

+1 although its a measley 3000 since I got my A33 last Christmas and I’m nowhere near some of your standards yet (hopefully one day) then when I deserve it I will get a camera of that class

quality over quantity :wink: a mere 5.5k on my current DSLR