Shud I have disconnected this??

My wiring is a bit funny, I ended up pulling it out and it was all duct taped up. So i reconnected some wires temporarily but the Grey wasn’t long enough.

So I just need to know what the different wires going to the ignition do??

the Red/Brown/Grey and Orange.

I know the red is from the battery, but what are the others??

im afraid the grey mite be summat crucial that will kill my bike within the next few miles

You’ll need to consult a manual for that I’m afraid … most bikes have different colour codes for what the wires are.

If your wiring isn’t connected nicely with the original connectors, I usually find it best to reconnect wires by soldering them … then heat-shrink them, then wrap them back into the loom with proper insulating tape. Doing it this way ensures that they don’t (at least they’re very unlikely to) give me any future problems.

Good luck!

The knee bone’s connected to the leg bone, the leg bone’s connected to the hip bone, the hip bone’s connected to the…

Sorry I’m bored and couldn’t resist

No hard feelings I hope?

Ignition/lights/fan is usually a good starting point?

sorry for being a pain


Dozy bint

I found out what it was. I was riding when a guy in a car came up next to me and was shouting, “UR LIGHTS, YOUR REAR LIGHTS!!!”
So I’m sorted, just need to do it properly ASAP b4 it shorts in all the rain.

I may well be…

But I was right about the lights so

Get your Haynes manual before you do ANYTHING else…


Order it, and don’t plug anything back together until you have.
Fried motorbike electrics are expensive…