shuberth R1 dark firelid for sale: 6 days old!!

anyone interested in shuberth R1 lid, only 1 week old. bought at infinity for 319.99, it the dark fire graphics one -sos no camera to take picture, see shuberth website for style/picture.

size 56,57.- MEDIUM

immaculate, i’ve had it a week! worn four times and guess what, don’t like it.

why? well, to be honest, its not as snug as i would have liked and i should have thought about it instead of just buying it in 25 seconds of seeing it…and as i wasn’t paying for it (gift from the law company i work for).

im selling it for £270 and then carefully looking around for one I really like the look of., no more rush decisions…

P.S. its not the discounted S1? models on sale, they are nice, but this is more special and classier i think so anyway.

its as new basically. i live near the hoover building on the A40 in greenford, west london.

just PM me and i’ll check the mail tomorrow night. thanks.

ok, i give up, i’ll sell it for £200 …bought it for 319.00 and have receipt, only 12 days ago…

just pm me if you’re intrerested. otherwise i’ll give it to a friend, he/she will never pay me…you know what friends are like!!!