showing the youngsters how it's done

went to see the living legend that is neil young on sunday night. absolutely amazing to put it mildly. normally people get disappointed when they see their music heroes in later life, all decrepit and mortal. not mr young. still rockin @ 62 years old and still making music that p*sses on anything else around, from a great height. check out hey hey my my. still plays like he’s 22…

:slight_smile: just spent last hour surfin the web with that blaring out on repeat, good stuff

nice work.

see if you like this one. mellow acoustic number :cool:

Mr Young was just a snip before my time but thanks to Pearl Jam I found him at about 18 when he was already a legend.

Would love to see him play.

yeah he did mirrorball with them eh? excellent album. i’m (only??) 31 and only got into him about 8 years ago. had a lot of catching up to do! have you heard chrome dreams II, his latest album? still knocking out quality music that’s sits up there with his classics (take note rolling stones, dylan etc). highlights are ‘ordinary people’ and ‘no hidden path’. epic!

was a real privilege to see him play live. it wasn’t like going to a gig, more like having a full on epiphany! going to see him again at the paddock wood hop farm in july. dunno if there’s still tickets available… worth having a look as i’ve heard he’s picking the acts for the rest of the festival so you may get to see him & pearl jam do a few numbers together :cool:

needless to say i won’t be going on the bike :wink: :Whistling:

snap on the Pearl Jam link