Showin us how its done ..

This has pissy waft all over it :crazy:

i thought i was watching a bit of post race moto gp celebration for a moment. cruising around pulling wheelies at will and then just neatly dropping it into the bends…

good skilZ - he can wheelie and offroad! :smiley:

It is a pissy a riding display as I have ever seen … Off the road into the undergrowth in a straight line at 10 mph … And he thinks he is ready for wheelies :blink:

gotta love panic breaking :smiley:

I blame the zx14 personally. All you need to do is sneeze and you’re wheelie-ing all over the place!

Cant excuse the rest of that though…

Americans don’t do corners :slight_smile:

or straights! :laugh:

this is the American mentality…can wheelie for miles but cant go round a corner!

seen quite a few similar examples of riding within London and surrounding…:laugh:

If nothing is learnt from this, YouTube had this video in listing down the side :smiley:

Dammit … dont uncover my real reason for doin archery in the summer !!! Take that down or I will be swamped by other blokes movin in on my territory !!!

I watched that right to the end :smiley:

I watched them all right to the end :blink:

I think i meant I watched them both right to the end

There’s way more than two… :satisfied:

I see this and I raise

Think there may be some archery involved or something…

Wonder if she’s in this years olympics :Whistling:

Plenty of angles too :slight_smile: