Show us your bicycles

As I’m stuck on one for now I thought I’d sart this up.

Mines a Roberts White widow hand made steel frame from the early/mid 90s and full xtr group set to match the period with canter lever brakes :slight_smile:

ooh you’ve got me all hot and bothered now… gonna go take a picture of my bike and post it on here in a bit!!

i could, but its been sitting outside, untouched, since i rode to Brighton on it last June.

Darn motorbikes, before my CBT i cycled everywhere…

my road bike (work in progress)

my mountain bike (wheels off obviously)

Unfortunately It sits under my bed, I have 95% of the parts to assemble it and all the chrome has been rechromed… and if it was rideable Yep I’d ride it!!!

has yours ever seen the trail Moto-king?!? It’s spotless! :stuck_out_tongue:

Na not really. Its one of them things…Bough the fooker but hardly get out on it…Can never be bothered. Always take the enduro bike out instead

Haha yeah I know the feeling… Get the petrol power out!!
Lovely bike though I’m jealous!

My knees ain’t what they used to be since I have run the last 12 London Matharons getting quicker everytime done it all for charity of course. The retired greyhound trust… I was up there with the Kenyans one year until I tripped on a banana skin some fooker threw into the road. Would you beleive it?

Doc said I need to take it easy now. Used to do a lot of iron man events and that only bought it cause my mate bought one aswell. but that little fookers like lance armstong on a pushbike…can’t touch him…

Oh yeah aren’t you hoping to do that challenge where you do a triathlon in every african country within one week?

Here’s mine. I have had it nearly a week now.

I used to have one of those as a kid!!! In yellow :cool: You gotta resurrect it, it’s a classic!

These are my two bikes- custom built Big Hit with Hope six pots for downhill, Orange MsIsle for XC and London (with road tyres)





No I’m going to cycle to Africa again. I do it all the

this is mine but dont have a pic to hand

One day! At the moment I have no place to keep it!

Needs a bit of TLC…



^^^ woah late 90s tech there alex

Gotta love the Carbon Fibre frame… it’s beautiful.

And potentially for sale if anyone is interested…! lol