show us ur classics

well iam very intrested in old classic bikes off all sorts and iam just wondering if anyone on here owns a classic there self?. if so show us wot you got cheers dan:)

I’ve got an uncle who has approximately 50 or so classic bikes, and loads and loads of spares for all sorts of bikes. I may post up a couple of pics when I can be bothered to sort them out…

I posted about mine in this thread.

50 CLASSIC BIKES JESUS THATS HEAVEN FOR ME CAN I LIVE IN HIS GARAGE?:stuck_out_tongue: i got the gamma 1989/90 and a 1980 yamaha rs125dx with a 77 engine doing last few bits to the resoration:) will get a pic off it and post it up. ah nerly forgot also a vt250f i got for 40 pounds on ebay lool witcch is now running looking for a exhaust system for that atm as 1 on its shot.

ah very nice and very clean!!! i never new they did a 350 four i learn some think new every day i no they did the 400 four and 550 four i love them.

He has a main garage - which contains the 3 or 4 bikes he actually uses (despite being 85), and a bull nose Morris car - oh and some old Rover - pre war…He then has an extension to that garage which is his workshop - He is currently working on an AJS, can’t remember the model but it has a polished steel tank and looks gorgeous.In his shed (which is actually bigger than my house) he has the bulk of his stuff, which also includes old garage signs, old petrol pumps - and all of his spares, which he sells at various auto jumbles around the south & south east, although this year he hasn’t been up to much due to ill health.

the 350/4 was never an offical import by honda …the 400/4 and 500/4 …then a 550/4 in the uk

Yes mines a US import. I’ve had it 9 years now!:smiley:

So does any old bike qualify as a “Classic” these days?

To me it has to be a bike that had a “certain status” when it was current rather than any old nail:cool:

I’d be interested to hear what otheres regard as “Classic”:slight_smile:

with you on that one chunks, but as you say how do you define a classic ?

Cos to some people even things like old Jawas n MZ’s/Cz’s ahve a certain appeal to them, me I thought they were cr@p :smiley:

Me I would put any of the KH kwaks in a list, Early CB’s,Gammas and RD’s :slight_smile:

I’d tend to agree, although it’s always worth keeping at least one of the species just to remember how crap it was… my Dad had a 250 superdream in the early 80’s - it was a truly shocking bike - but people are now keeping them as classics:rolleyes:

dont insurance company class classics as any think over 15 years old???

Yes but there are Classics and classics.

Would you class a 1970’s commuter bike in the same league as saya Z1?

na i see wot ur saying like old bonnivills etc.

Yeah its like old British bikes. For some strange reason even the doggiest of dogs ftom Norton and Triumph are now seen with rose coloured specs.

There have been loads of really awful jap bikes built that I see advertised as “Classics” You’re joking mate;):P:D

just wot there classed as thou even suzuki said my rg is a classic pmsl and thats only a 1990.

You can tell what bikes will become Classics.

The original Fireblade for example will always get more attention at a bike meet than probably a newish version

ah now ur talking id rather have the 1st fire blade over the new 1. some ppl will call me nut when i say that i also like the old slab side gsxr750/1100’s:P

Yeah Slabby’s n Slingers are another modern classic but you look at say, a CBR1000F of the same era and think …it’s just another old big jap bike (no offence to old CBR1000F owners out there)