Shoulder Check, Sholder Checks, Shoulder Checks


I’m steaming about this and just want to put on my “Teacher” hat for a minute.

why is it in slow moving traffic most ptw and cyclists do not feel the need to do shoulder checks.

last might I watched at least 6 PTW pull out on cyclists and other PTW’s all because they did not check over the shoulder. I’m not discriminating as I saw cyclists doing it as well.

I spoke to one PTW and said you nearly took out the cyclist he was sorry and apologised to the cyclist and admitted he should have known better as he usualy cycles himself.

but I’m getting to the point where I do not want to come in on any 2 wheeled vechile at the moment as I have see my life flash before me in the last couple of weeks on more than 1 occasion.

so please please please Do you shoulder checks, it could save your life as well as someone elses.

Rant over hat off thankyou for listening

shoulder check aka lifesaver

noticed that too.
I usually do my shoulder checks unless I’m 100% sure there’s no one, then I don’t.
However that’s usually not in the city. While in the city shoulder checks are an absolute must for everyone, ptw, cyclists, 4+wheeler etc…

Just once I had to evade quickly and didn’t do a shoulder check and what ya know, almost spiked me up a cyclist (to whom I apologized later on)

What the hell is a PTW?? Cyclist are a nightmare in London!! All ride like they have a death wish and I would rather see them off the road unless they pay road tax and have some mirrors and indicators fitted to the bike!! Rant over!!

PTW = Powered Two Wheeler

agree with you on the cyclists, however it’s not all of them, there are a few (though not many enough as it is ) good folks who look out and don’t ride as if someone’s shoved a torpedo up their rear entrance

bit of a sweeping statement as I have been cycling in for weeks now and I could say the same about ptw’s but it is not all of us.

I disagree on the road tax, I pay it on my car and on my motorbike and cycling would take many hundreds of years before a pushbike would cause any damage to the roads, it is heavy vechiles like cars, 4x4, large trucks etc causing the majority of the damage to the raods

most annoyingly about those lazy toerags, is they’d probably be the first to beech like babies about car drivers who don’t check their mirrors…

Give them plenty of room, prix like that NEVER learn until they get hurt or they hurt someone else…

Who are you referring to?? Motorcyclists??

yesterday was a nightmare

guy on a motorbike cut me up when he decided he didnt want to filter between lane 1 and 2 and instead go between 2 and 3…where I was. Missed my by inches and when I beeped just ignored me so I caught up with him and asked what the fcuk he was doing and he just shrugged…

then a scooter decided that on a roundabout he would use the outside lane to go around to the last exit…muppet

I cycle and ride and find that a lot less cyclists use the lifesaver to change direction /lanes I guess because riding a mc its drilled into you


the weavers who think they’re the only one’s on the road,

the throttle merchants who’ve only just bought their first litre machine and still can’t work out that 3 and a half feet is a crappy stopping distance even in perfect conditions.

the couriers who ALWAYS know better cos they ride everyday and firmly believe that no one else has as much road experience as them

the L-Plate Losers who spend 16 years on L’s

the newbie’s in their business suits who have no idea how quickly things go from “damm I look so cool” to “SHIT that hurts!”

Try telling them life-savers would be a good idea. Money says most of them will tell you to mind your own business…

on a plus side, more potential organ donors :w00t:

My cousin’s a nurse on the NHS and when they had all those acronyms for patients like PNFN (Perfectly Normal for Norfolk) or CTD (Circling the Drain, ie about to croak) they all used to openly refer to Motorcycle Riders as Organ Donors…

What about the cyclists who constantly run through red lights? Then once they’ve just breezed past you the lights change and there now in the middle of the lane, cycling at all of 10-15mph holding every farcker up… What about the cyclist that are too nipping in and out of traffic then oops, the traffic starts flowing they’re in the middle of the road doing all of 10-15mph holding shitt up again… The ones that are overtaking eachother without doing shoulder checks coming into the flow of vehicles, again holding shit up!! The morons that decide to overtake a bus that has just pulled out then ooops the bus has picked up speed and now I can’t overtake holding shit up…

For everything you said about motorcyclists the same can be said for cyclists… Just get over it, people do silly shit everyday whether it b a motorcyclist, cyclists, car, van, bus or cab driver… Keep on your own game and stop biatching!!

He who hath be whithout sin - verily ye cast the first stone amen . . .

ashes to ashes, funk to funky etc . . .

I always use lifesavers on the mortorbike as well as cycle bike.

Life saving glances over the shoulder should be an automatic part of riding every time before changing position on the road. Every once in a while - there IS something in your blind spot - kinda makes me jump sometimes - and so glad I did it…

My biggest concern with cyclists is, when I am filtering down the outside of traffic, they suddenly appear from between 2 vehicles to do the same, but don’t look behind them first looking out for other filterers before emerging - like they think they will be the only filterers on the road. Last time I had this experience and braked/beeped at the clueless tw+t, I got the two fingered salute…:crazy:

Oooh get you and your moral rocking horse of smugness!

I feel I can preach on this subject as on my cycle and ptw I always do my shoulders and I pride myself on the fact I do not jump red lights. I hate anyone that does the cycles, ptw’s and cars alike I do not believe in it.

Verily I hath nothing to be smugeth abouteth.

I am just a humble hypocrite like the rest of yee . . . amen . . .

i even find myself doing them in the car :smiley: