Should we run a "Hot" BCR one week?

There’s talk of running an early BCR. Should it be a more “Progressive” ride?

We could very easily add a loop that would take in a smidge of Chelmsford and then carry on with the usual route?

If we do a ride like this, it’d prolly be wise to do it behind closed doors. How much agro will that cause if the participants were hand picked? That would mean you dont invite your mate, even if they are BCR members! What do the BCR committee reckon?

There’s no point putting your name down on here for it on this thread, I just want to see if the idea has merit.

Go for it. See what the response is like.

will we be riding the “last one there’s a ninny” formation?

Sounds cool :slight_smile:

Guess Ratty will have to find another ride tomorrow then :smiley:



This has nowt to do with tomo’s BCR;)


Sorry I meant, ‘that week’ :smiley:

ang thats mean but i was thinking the same thing:hehe:

Hey, I’m hoping that I’ll get picked to go!:unsure:

F*k Off!!:smiley:

well i had a blinding rideout round that way with K-man this afternoon;)

i dont always do BCR i’m quite capable of goign out on me todd:w00t::wink: not all my mates that ride are on LB;)

BCR is a progressive ride, isnt it? i thought it was’nt gonna be ‘advertised’ as much…or is that what the threads about?


Marks away so I thought I’d do a bit of ratty baiting … :D:D:D:D:D:D

Rats I’m only joking hunny :kiss:

Err…I didnt think so?:unsure: For me there is the odd max-attack moment, but I am asking about generally pushing harder throughout the whole ride.

I dont want to do this with people I dont know or trust cause folk start binning it. The waiting will be less and the crashing shouldnt happen(?). :blink: I understand that there has been the odd rider recently that isnt always as careful as they might be. I dont want to do a faster ride out with them along cause it sounds like they might have someone else off. Hence I wanted to debate it here first…

i knew youd think i bit!:smiley:

i have no idea how slow/fast i am!(i know less kd =faster:D:P but i do liek a progressive ride:D

So Sneaky wants a ‘mass’debate’ :wink: I might stick around to watch :D:D:D

well i thought for the most part it is, most people are pushing it arent they? and the front runners are regulars that know the road well, hence trhey are able to push and go at pace pretty much everytime, then theres middle lot and the back lot, i have been on ride where sometimes i push and other times i dont, i sit back, part of that is the fact i dont liek being amongst a ‘pack’ of riders.

folk bin it because they dont listen, when a regulars says some bits are tight and to go slow they mean it, its not bravado its a fact…the roads we ride are some of the most twisty i have ever road, with alots of s-bends and fast into slow corners. but hten anyone can bin it…at anytime you never know.

if people are being a bit dangerous then speak up, i think its best they know and clear the air about it?

people have each others phone numbers, so if a ‘fast’ ride is in order, the people that are meet teh standard willknow anyway when it is.

Since TDJ is away will’ya give me a hand!:w00t:

Even i might be tempted in this, well it is a tank of fuel for me jusy to get to the start and seeing as it is likely to be “progressive” then, if i get picked, let me know more and i will see if i am available;)

Same for me :smiley: