Should their be an age limit on drivers - biker killed by 86yr old woman

Think most people agree that tgere comes at time when people shud not be allowed to drive - if anyone disagrees with that, read this…

RIP fellow biker!

This is terrible but sadly not unusual…Maybe the law should spend more time doing road side eyesight tests rather than measuring plates and giving road safety lectures…

And can someone explain to me how the new generation of speed cameras could of prevented this accident - no didn’t think so…

I know she is probably someones grandmother but for christs sake, she should have the book thrown at her and her doctor who allowed her to still drive (after 75 you are supposed to have yearly tests) should be held accountable too…

Absolutely horrendous… Regardless of age there should be regular re-tests for all drivers. Although we moan about the feds, wouldn’t be a bad thing if there were a few more about on the look out for dozy drivers.

A few years ago my late grandmother (who by the way was an excellent and observant driver right into her mid 80’s) was involved in a head on collision with a bike that was on the wrong side of the road so far as I know the rider and pillion made it

She obvoiusly should have been driving if she doesnt know what side of the road to be on. Regular retesting after 65 should be a more stringent exam.

Also noticed this on there for a good idea.

Cant open liky? But here’s my tuppence worth:

We should all have annual m.o.t’s (eye tests etc) and be retested every 5yrs max on the road. The retests should be to Advanced standard. The current DoT test should just entitle us to a limited period to get enough roadcraft to go on to later tests.

You’d cut the centre lane hogging on Motorways (which should be a fixed penalty fine), and you’d all around increase awareness. Plod have the technology to enforce the licence and if the fixed penalties went the same way as Gatso revenue bad driving would get targeted!

Ok, that was my Tuppence-Hapennies worth!

Unfortunately it isn’t until they come to the attention of the authorities that something is done, by which time,sadly, it can be too little , too late.

Normally, when bad driving is considered a result of the age of the individual we can inform DVLA who can revoke the licence on our advice and order a retest (which they usually fail)

As i said though, it normally follows them already having committed an offence.

If u had retest every year it would be at great cost to every1 and especially seeing that u have to wait a min of a month for a test (if ure lucky) hardly fair…

GPs will have an idea how capable a person is of driving, maybe they should inform the dvla when the person has reached a point in his/her life where driving is a big no no

Stopping all people from driving when they reach a certain age is a bit of a sweeping statement really. Eyesight tests are a must, but, how good is an eyesight test in reality?

When I went to get my race licence, I had to pass an eyesight test. I also had to pass a colourblindness test and probably the most important one of a peripheral vision test. Perhaps everyone should have to do these tests as i do.

Further to proper eyesight tests, there should be a speed of reaction test as well, again, something that every driver should really have to do.

We should all have to go in that simulator thing that new drivers do, hazard awareness I believe it is.

Obviously policing all this would be a nightmare but I really feel that licensing laws here are way too lax and are asking for incidents like the demise of this poor unfortunate biker to happen.

Ask yourselves honestly, since passing your test, how many times have you looked at the highway code? Things change, but people do not keep up to date.

So for me, the answer is that everyone should have to pass tests on a 5 year basis. The older generation should have to do the tests on a more frequent basis, say 2 years. It should be done by someone independant, then there is no pressure on a doctor to sign the person off as competent to drive, how on earth does a doctor really know if someone is competent to drive?

You can’t just set an arbitrary age limit, the human rights people would get it thrown out pretty sharpish anyway. Retesting, (OK, maybe above a certain age) has to be the way to go. My mum is 82, knows she couldn’t hack it anymore and just doesn’t drive. Dad is 83 and still pretty good when I’ve been out with him. Don’t know whether that means he’d pass though!

I think I must be cagist and not agist. Most people know when they can’t drive or ride any more and therefore stop. I for one intend, god willing to be riding well into retirement.

This is a failing on the part of those involved the person driving for not realising they were no longer capable and the GP for not vetting them. I for one know there are things in life I am not capable of, like writing with both hands at the same time, patting my head and rubbing my belly simultaneaously, eating pot noodles, only having one drink and so on. So, I don’t.

This is a tragedy for all involved.

I’m of the opinion that there should be regular checks on all people who drive - as Charley stats we’re all in control of weapons that can easily kill lots of people if dealt with wrongly.

But it’s so difficult to weigh these things… and where do we step over the line of being a ‘nanny state’ - we’re in danger of legislating this country into a police state… oh hang on… who put that soap box there? damn


Agreed! I know a person that at 65 should have stopped driving as his reactions weren’t that good anymore, I know him for over 30 year and I know that.

It’s not about the age but the healthy! People after certain age should be tested more often and stopped if can’t do well on the tests.

The only accident I had on a motorbike (outside of the track) in 22 years was a 76 years old man that jumped in front of me out of a small street. I was very slow and I stopped my bike after hit his door, didn’t drop it but got very scared. In the end I helped him to go home as he was too old to be driving alone after that chock. I don’t know who I blame for that?

The family ? or the authorities for leave him with a driving licence???

R.I.P Biker i agree they should stop my next door neigbours gettin on a bit and he drives like hes drunk all over the place

I am on the understanding that tanker drivers must take either an annual test or every two years… If they can do it why cant the olds? its not as if they have anything else to do…

well i dont think its just the eye sight thats need checking, surely part of any test could be a reaction test - they are easily done - I’m tube train driver and had to do one, just looking at computer screen and as different colours flash up, you have to hit the right coloured button, and the computer measures your reaction time - test only takes 5 mins max. The speed the different colours pop up on the screen slowly gets faster so it can measure your hit rate as well.

I’m sorry for MICHAEL PEDLEY his family and friends and us, the road users left I have a strange feeling where going to have to hear about a lot more deaths happening in this way before the law steps in to make it a safer highway.

A very small price to pay IMHO. The added value is that all those that fail/unfit to drive are off the road (poss only temp). That means less deaths/injuries, traffic, agro, polution etc.

Folk might be more respectful of their licence if they had to work to keep it. That would mean folk being more considerate on the roads. Next time you’re on the motorway, look out for the vehicle in the centre going 1mph faster than the vehcle in the inside lane. If the driver/rider were aware and considerate, they’d adjust their speed either 1mph down and pull in to the inside lane or speed up 10mph+ to ease road space. We do not have the road space for people driving in an extra lane at such small road speed differences…