Should "N" to "1st" always "clank&q

Shifting from Neutral, to “1st” it sometimes “clanks” and sometime doesnt?

the times it doesnt is usualy when i have just got it into “N” and a second later need to go to “1st” i.e. as im about to put my foot down the lights change.

is the fact that i dont always get a “clunking” noise a problem?

(the bike is a CBF600SA 05) :?:

I could be talking bollox here, but it it the engine taking up slack in the chain ?
I notice it a lot more if I have the revs up slightly e.g. about to pull off from lights, or with the choke on.

Don’t worry they all do it to varying degrees.

It’s usually worse when the engine is cold. Usually its caused by the oil between the clutch plates being a bit sticky.

If it’s really bad and does it all the time it’s caused by the clutch “dragging” or not disengaging enough. Your clutch could need adjustment if so.

Hope this helps

thanks C.M