Should I? Shouldn't I?

2006 only 13K miles, I am soooooo tempted



you obviously love em, you keep going back to them, why not have it :stuck_out_tongue:

why not!

You dont like hot pockets do ya :smiley:

D’you two fight over the keyboard. This time Mel won and it took Lewis 7 mins to come to? :stuck_out_tongue:

erm … do it!

haha Im at work, Were lucky, they’ve invented these things called laptops. we have 2 of them (yes, im not lying here) for use at home. incredible bits of kit. Would you believe they also link wirelessly (amazing i know!) to the internet where we both can comment of different threads at the same time, or even 7 minutes apart :smiley:

cant take it with ya mate lol

Hence the why not comment! :smiley:

What does The Boss say about it?:wink:

So am i . Never ridden one but its on my very short list of what to get next , i dont reckon much on the rest of the alternatives .

the real question is,why did you sell the lasy one?:ermm:

It had a problem!

she will do as she is told! OMG! did i just say that out loud?

have you buggered the bird ???

It’s a no brainer,just do it :slight_smile:

:w00t: not recently, no! :w00t::hehe:

Go on Mo. how can you live without a Hayabusa. :smiley:

i say DO IT. and do it quick before you change your mind.

To late! already have:hehe::slight_smile: times not right:cool: