Should I service the bike after winter lay in?

The bike hasn’t been used in almost 4 months except for starting it twice. Started first time no problems.
It’s got 3000 miles on the clock and had it’s 600 mile service. Only due for its next service after 4000 miles.



At minimum I would drain and put fresh fuel in (maybe with some additive in, for first full tank)



After 4 months too!

I can just about push 4 weeks. But then I leave my battery in.

Just the usual checks; tyres; pressure; brakes/calipers; oil levels, nibbling or corrosion of the oil lines (if you have vermin in your garage wanting nutrious oil - not) and above.

Of course ~ a refresher riding start for skills in hibernation too :slight_smile:

he prob had it on a charger :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say service once a year or when you hit the mileage interval.

Nope no charger battery stayed in the whole time. I was surprised it started and it sounds fine. I filled it to the top with the most expensive fuel I could find, in the hopes of keeping the fuel clean as poss and helping to prevent any rust in the tank.

I wouldn’t know how to drain the tank except for sticking in a hose and sucking which doesn’t thrill me.



well a new battery and being indoors def helps…

btw draining the tank is easy… all it takes is removing it, disconecting the fuel hose & some blowing :stuck_out_tongue: so that the vacum opens up :wink: