Should i or shouldn't i??

hmmm always likes sm’s and really thinkin bout gettin 1 of theses babies specially with the deal at the mo, what ya all think???



great first moto, to test the water so to speak…but you will sell it and buy something better…

Run out of puff too easily - you will soon be in the market for a larger one.

well ill see wot its like gotta test ride 2moro, any about in the fincley arae wants to see it ill be around that way

right, i see what you all mean, was brilliant fun to ride but was abit slow off the mark, cant believe how brilliant the handling is, so much different to ride than my 675, brought out my inner hooligan :wink:

that was you riding sensibly on the 675? kin hell…:w00t:

christ if you think that handles well, try a ktm!! i had a DRiZZle 400sm and have ridden a couple of others, all have very vague suspension, cant feel the front wheel at all, felt like a hovercraft!! get a go on something with some descent suspension and you will see the difference!!

This is only my personal opinion, after riding the DRZ try and test ride a KTM 520 or 525exc thats been converted to S/moto, and then tell us how you think the KTM pitches against the Suzuki cos im pretty sure you will know where you want to spend your money…;):slight_smile:

Ah, handling like a Hovercraft?:cool: If only The Riot handled so well!

The Riot looks like she handles OK to me, and i should know, cos i spend most Sunday mornings chasing the B*****D:D:D

where do you guys go out on sundays??? if it aint too far id like to join ya…

We meet Collier Row, Romford. Then normally wind up in Finchingfield for a “dry Rivita & a Peppermint Tea”. The routes used, Jazz Mag might back-me-up on this, arnt quite “How The Crow Flie”:smiley:

We dont do the Breakfast Club Run every week tho… :wink:

You’ve just booked your ride on The Riot M8!