Should i go to the dealer or not??

i have an 07 r1, before the fuel light use to come on about 120 miles or sometimes even more, now its started to come on about 90-95 miles. any idea what this could be?


Has your riding style changed? My 04 R1 would never go 100 miles before the light coming on. It might have once or twice but only if doing smooth riding out of London.

Ditto. My ZX6 is pretty good on fuel, 120 miles before going onto reserve and I can usually get 160 miles before the reserve runs out…unless I rag her a bit more of course and then I’m lucky to get 80 miles before I have to turn on reserve and even then I might only get about 100-120 miles.

The weather has got better and your using more revs or your riding style has cahnged or it’s getting time for a service.

Apart from giving the bike a good service, what do you expect the dealer to be able to do?

hmmm when you fill up do you fill to brim or do you fill to a value eg £16

as petrol price gone up so where before you used to get x number of litres to £16 you now get less hence the mileage drop