Should I get this exhaust for my ZX10r

looks nice! I’m mixed about the reviews though…

“i bought this pipe for an 08 ninja zx10r. first i wanna say that this isnt a slipon pipe! you have to remove the muffler, cat, and throttle valve cables, and i also had to drill out the mounting holes to clearance the rear brake pedal.”
Do you think this guy did it wrong? Never had to do that much for a slip on?


" best bang for the buck…"
A new phrase I wish to use to describe my choice of women! :stuck_out_tongue:

This pipe looks like it fits in place of the link pipe and boom box and eliminates everything up to the headers, headers include the “built in” CAT converter so that is still in place unless you change the headers too (Click on the picture and see closer look of pipe and image of it on the bike) so to avoid this you will definately need a slip on to your existing link pipe.Does look good though :cool:

Settled with the IXIL and stayed road legal… if only I had spare cash for the racefit…! But I’m happy with the sound and the look…

Much better over the standard eye sore.

I really like the one in the original post!

Like the sound and look of the racefit. Been thinking of getting one for the R1 so clicked on the link … OMG 500 quid … ill stick with standard hair dryer sound thank you.