Should I get this exhaust for my ZX10r

I’ve got a 2008 ZX10r with the hideous standard exhaust.

Been looking at options, and don’t really want to go full system.

But I’ve seen this one, and as I’ve not seen these about wanted your thoughts?

Its very cheap in comparison (under £200) and I think its looks sexy. But then again, everything looks better than the standard crap they give you.


Going to be LOUD! Mind you, friend of mine swears by Racefit and theirs look quite cool! I guess it depends on what you want exactly? Personally, I don’t like the look of the one in your pic. Are you going to take the cat off and map it/PCIII, or just add the can? Personally I prefer Yoshi (Japanese not US) or MHP but am very biased :slight_smile: Arrow do a nice one with a carbon fibre cap to them? Leo Vince do a slip-on megaphone which is quite cool. Not looked at Scorpion, TwoBrothers, Blue Flame or Hindle?

Its actually road legal… which I find hilarious.

I’m keeping the cat and keeping it legal… too many geeks at work! I’ve looked at others, but this one tickles me as for £180 I can spend my money on more toys!

Like the Power Commander! :stuck_out_tongue: Was going to leave the PCIII until next year, but if I can get both on my budget now, then perfect!

Personal choice but IMO u need one of these: Im not biased or anything :w00t: :hehe: :wink:

yeah but almost EVERYONE has one of those (sorry!)

Thats because they are good :DOr

Scorpion - Looks OK
Arrow - Looks Good
Racefit - are really really loud by all acounts :w00t: - Probably as loud as the one in the first post will be… Arata: :smiley:

Yea +1

Do we have any recommended retailers? Anyone got any good deals/discounts going!?

Micron should be a pretty hefty discount :hehe:

I like the look of the M4 short stubby one in the last picture.

Or, the Racefit Growler, beautiful noise and you can get a baffle for it;)

I like the Ixil one - looks good and promises to be good and loud
For some reason I only like Yoshis on Suzukis…
Get it bought, or get a Muzzy :slight_smile:

they are all very nice looking…get the loudest:D

a mate has an ixill system on his XJ6, very good sound…loud anough but not offensivly loud!

or get an akra-po-bitching init:D

I looked at this one (your banner is all over the forum), but the ixil is half the price… Unless you’ve got a deal on you’re not telling us about :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the style at the top: Gonna cost you about £450They are short too about 300 or 350mm long

:cool: Does it need a link pipe and does it keep the butterfly valve… if not youll have the FI light on all day long with out another mod :w00t:Have you made your mind up yet?

Leo Vince make the best sounding exhausts :hehe:

My mates got a high level Racefit…it looks and sounds the dogs…

Having looked up close at Racefit’s workmanship and being mighty impressed I’d say try them for sure. And they’re British, based in Matlock. And I think one of the guys working on the stall at Excel had a 10R too, so tricked up you wouldn’t believe.

I’ll get Jay on this, he is mates with them too so you never know…

my mate put a twister blue titanium exhaust on 04 zx636r that worked absolute wonders ,loud but not too loud and added performance,;ZX10R;2008