Should I get a smart meter now or wait?

Pros and cons?

That all depends… is the rest of your home smart, or do you want it to be urgently?  Who is your energy supplier as well?

smart meters can be great, and they can help you do a lot of cool things with apps, thermostats etc as well as have accurate bills… The only problem I see at the moment is that (as far as I know), the protocol to share data has not been fully developed. So you could have smart meter with company x, and could move to company y. But if you wanted to move to company Z, you could end up with losing the smart functionality.

Not sure if they worked that one out yet…

SSE are telling me:

  • Smart meters send them meter readings automatically, so l won't need to do it myself.
  • Getting a smart meter will make it easier for me to save energy and money.
  • I can use a Smart Energy Tracker to set energy efficiency targets.
So no home automation offering here.

Are you asking about a specific product/supplier offering?

It is quite useful to be able to easily see how much electricity or gas you’ve used on a particular day.

Had mine installed a few months ago, never have to read one again and nice to see how much electric the tumble drier uses 

Any side effects? Like extra limbs growing?