Should I contest a Buslane fine?


Caught red handed by CCTV using the buslane heading south into work along Finsbury square.

Yes, it was me - “I dun it Guv” but wait…

Due to the major roadworks at Moorgate, all the buses are diverted right at the next junction. So the buses aren’t even using the bus lane!

So as rider, do I

a) Proceed to filter on the right hand side of all the vehicles queing to turn right before fighting my way back across all the traffic to continue my journey straight on (i.e. overtake vehicles that are turning right)


b) Proceed up the inside of the traffic in a bus lane, that by rights should have been suspended, where I am more visible, and then avoid the massive pitfalls of overtaking right turning vehicles?

I’ve contested already, but got the following response “…if a road is closed and the buses are diverted this does not mean that a motorist may use the bus lane…”

Should I stick to my guns and maintain my challenge, or fold an pay the £65 fine for the privilege of being safe on a bike? Anyone got any success stories of contesting these?

Or you could just research the bus lane guidelines get a tape measure out and get it voided that way. A lot of bus lanes don’t comply with the guidelines. Just a case of having the hassle of doing so.

And if there’s an obstruction in the road then I think
you can use the bus lane if it is necessary to avoid
the obstruction.

Very difficult normally to contest these from experience unless there is some technicalities overlooked. (As pointed out above). The point they will bring up is the foregone right to filtering?