Should I change the exhaust?

Well after owning the zx6r J1 for about 8 months I moved on to the K6 gsxr 600, It suprised me how different these two bikes feel. Anyway its currently got the laser MotoGP exhaust on it. Im not that familiar with Laser exhausts and it looks ok’ish to me at its best, but would anyone recommend changing it to yoshi or just keeping the Laser. I know at the end of the day its my personal preferance, they both look totally different from each other and Im having a hard time to decide. Would be cool for some LB’ers to help me make a decision :slight_smile:

What about sound?

At the end of the day the reason with changing exhausts was to make your bike sound louder or deeper isn’t? :smiley:

Keep the louder one!

Well the laser exhaust is really loud and Im one of those people that like to be subtle but not too quiet that the cars can’t hear me. On my old bike I had the beowulf which was really loud at low revs and I going through the city at slow speeds is a bit embaressing.

Im not sure with how the yoshi sounds though, I heard they at quiet at lower revs. The laser just sounds like I have no exhaust on at all.

A Video of it:

I think the laser exhaust looks really cool IMHO.

I like the look of the laser exhausts on the post 06 R6s. Never heard any in person though.