Should I buy a Kawasaki ZX9r?

I’ve been offered a 97 Kawasaki ZX9-r B4. 18000 on the clock Full History… looked after all it’s life 2 owners straight swap for my 54’plate Husqvarna SM610s…

this little guy!!!

Anyone got any advice… ?

I’m looking for something a bit more fun… but will commute now and the up the A1 80 mile round trip in nice weather… I’ve got a 05 plate CBF500 as a hack as well…


i say you would be mad to swap your bike

if u are to get a zx9 i would go for a newer version these models are to heavy on the front and handel like sh*t

So a private sale is the better deal then…

I’m 6ft 3. 17stone… thought the ZX9r might be a nice size for me as a motorway hack…

Is it possible to swap for a day / week, then decide?

The ZX9R sounds good for your intended use, but I think you should ride it and see to avoid possible regret. I personally think they’re very good all rounders.

if u do get a zx9 check the brakedisks because they all warp on these bikes as i foundout an had to buy other disks also forkseals need checking

nah… told the guy that i wasn’t gonna do the deal… having a look at a ZRX1200s tommorow… better…:slight_smile:

stop press… he’s now offering to deliver it to me (from hereford… and give me £200)

go for at least £500 if your interested in it.

Iv’e let him know that… well… I’m letting him sweat… I think if it was nearer the £500 mark then I’d go with it… It would pay for rack,boxes and heated grips then…

500 sounds reasonable

dood, see your other thread in for sale section.

bloke on visordown is wanting to swap his sv 1000 for a supermoto and is too valueing his for £2500, sounds like a str8 swap good deal.