Should i buy a CBR6RR with 14000 on the clock for 3300 ?

I’m new to the world of sportsbikes previous bike being an enduro/ supermoto really fancy a CBR rr but wanna keep it cheap !!! Is 14000 super high mileage what should a modern bike do these days is 3300 the right price with alarm no marks std bike!

any pointers greatly apreciated !

Can’t wait to meet up at BM just need a bike !

Also looking for storage for bike in Bethnal green area any ideas would be great !

Thanks all


What year is the bike??

Hi JWC! If it helps I sold my 04 CBR 600RR last June for £2,500. It had 16,000 miles on it and was a Cat C write off so £3,300 doesn’t sound too bad to me.

Its on a 03 plate not catagorized or any real marks anywhere new tires front and back.


BTW, 16,000 miles is the big service and will cost in excess of £250 + VAT.

Sounds relatively reasonable, althuogh you could have some wiggle room given the mileage, ebay has an 03 RR with 2,000 for a buy it now of 4k

hehe actually might be this one on ebay as well, he hasnt got any offers on the 2.5k starting, but he has a long time to run

if it is, watch the auction…

has the bike got service history, how many owners, milage is a touch high by a thou or 2 but not space shuttle. history will be a big part of it and has it or is it due the 16,000 service

Thanks all all good stuff especially the service issue well worth using to haggle


saying that it wont have had the 16 done as its only 14 so forget that bit just check it it has had the previous ones done