Should I be worried...

I keep feeling this sudden urge, whenever I see a fellow biker to start evangelising about LB, strangely this happens a lot in super-markets!

When I’m riding and see riders with nice bikes I find myself trying to catch up with them, just in case there’s an opportunity and enough time at the next set of lights to proclaim the virtues of LB.

I even got chatting to a Scooter rider at a bike bay the other day.

Hi, my name’s Jolyon and I’m an LB-aholic, won’t you join me


PS. I think I need to get me some stickers, so all I need to do is point

my names matt and im also an LB-Alohlic! i have introduced atleast three new members now, and also feel the urge to talk to other riders about LB! its very addictive!! so you are not on your own!!

…it started as just the odd post, but now it’s every day…

I can’t manage a whole day without Logging onto the board!

Haha, nice one. Don’t worry, I do the same, you can’t help it. Spread the word…

Well i hopefully should be bringing about three other bikers with me on the LB Ali rideout on sunday,and you can bet i will be trying to convert them the whole day


R.I.P. Ali

Must log off, must log off…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

In the words of Fatboy Slim…“praise you”…

Hi my names dan and I am addicted to all things biking including LB, phew that feels better, strangely managed to not log on at all on Sunday not like me at all.

I’m in the same boat and now my adiction is cousing me serious trouble with the wife…

OMG I am not alone!!!

well i dont have a wife… but oh hell u know what i mean…

I have told lots of people at the Ace, just cant help it lol!

Dont know if any of them have joined though…

Think we should get some flyers made up guys…to stick on bikes in bike bays …spread the word!

My name is Paul, and I’m an addict

my names smiled…and i also am an LB -aholic…

i am gonna start bagging LB now and sell it on street corners…lol


Cor I have issues.

I have major LB addiction. LB-Aholic here i come. :slight_smile:

I check it a few times an hour, when at work, just in case someone has rplied to something im not even bothered about! serious issues.:w00t:


And not only that, you drill back four years to find posts you haven’t read yet! :hehe:

Aye, Lewis is hardcore!:stuck_out_tongue:


I have my Gmail, Twitter, IRC and LB open and am constantly checking throughout the day …

That’s not good… I keep seeing bikers wondering around Canary Wharf in the mornings. Maybe I should be flying the flag. I need a LB t shirt or something cos I’m too shy to approach people.

Ever thought of getting out and ridding your bikes? :stuck_out_tongue: