Should I be ashamed of myself?!

Ive got concert ticket’s to see Britney Spears… im not sure if that’s a good thing or not!

How much did you pay? My mates mum has got some tickets for the Greenwich council box but their £80 each - you didnt pay that much did you? :Whistling: :smiley:

shame… :rolleyes:

Yeah, if you fancy watching a certified loon! :hehe:

No way did I pay that much, id expect a lap dance from her for that!.. we got seats in the front section, a couple rows in for £48 each :wink:

Wouldn’t it be more entertaining to use the money spent on tickets (£80!) on lapdances at a place like spearmint rhino with a couple of girls while listening to Britney on your iPod? ;)Max

come on fess up who said no it aint shameful?

Err,umm I DID ! :blush:

Had to vote ‘yes’, but well done for being so honest! :wink:

I think i’d rather have one of Zeph’s monster nightmares:D

I probably won’t see you there because it will be very crowded.

Out of all the tickets in all of the world… You pick Britney Spears!
Did you see the Spice Girls too! :smiley:

Joby - how could you admit it in public!:w00t:

6 people voted no so far, they must be girls :w00t::hehe:

Hit me baby one more time!! :smiley:

lol thats the 1st thing I thought as well

What’s that on the floor over there?

Oh! It’s your dignity…


could you let us know if she performs with or without knickers?

Very shamefull mate, i think you will have to do a penace for this horrible shamefull thing you are about to do.

Let me know if she lip-syncs