should borough market be scrapped

attended BM last night and was shocked at the lack of people and bikes, gone seem the days when you turned up to a packed “biking community” now it seemed a drizzle of bikes, countable on hands, and withing an hour, talk of going home, as most of the “others” are at the blackheath tea hut, surely, it should be one or the other on a wenesday,

just my rant for the day, Ill pick me rattle up now and not worry anymore

I was at the Kings of Leon concert :smiley:

I think it would be a real shame! Its a great central location for those who work and want to pop in maybe on foot/public transport and is a good compromise for those in the north and south. I live just inside m25 in the north and there is no way I could get to the tea hut - that would be the end of meets for me :frowning:

BM is cool for me as it’s just 5mins from my office. Blackheath is a little bit out the way, as like Alice, I live just inside the M25 North.

I try to mix between the Ace and BM - as I enjoy the mixed company. :slight_smile:

Never really been a fan of central London meetings anyway to be honest.

Oh what should I do on a Wednesday night…I know, commute through the worst congested roads in the country! :wink:

Main reason I don’t really go to the Ace either, riding round the A406 on a Friday night gets real old real fast.

For anyone not in central London, meeting in Central London is a massive chore.

Not that I been to the Tea Hut on a Wednesday yet either, as I been a bit busy, but mainly just being lazy and not really had the desire to ride the bike til now, and since the suspension has been done, it’s pretty much rained constantly.

Basically I don’t really care, I don’t go that often to care, but the fact that the meeting is in Central London which involves horrible commuteresque riding certainly doesn’t inspire me to go any more often.

Shut it Kaos …you don’t count your a pussy not a biker :wink:

It’s me girly hands they can’t take all that London riding :stuck_out_tongue:

U big GURL lol
I see where hubby is coming from…in future we will come teahut then bm…:Whistling:

I live inside the M25 far north, few minutes away from exiting the M25 ring, and Blackheath isn’t really that far away.
either browse down the NCircular, A12, A2, there, or through city, just a ~6 miles away from London bridge, it’s not like it’s a long travel or something :slight_smile:

BM, haven’t been there yet, even though it’s a stone throw from me office, will pop down at some point :slight_smile:

Im quite lucky for the face that both places will take me around the same amount of time to get to.

but if i have to choose between me driving or getting a train to one or the other im going to drive.

I thinks its good to have options.

I dont know what it is, I just feel more comfortable down the tea hut, so that’s where i’m staying:)

Returning to the scene of the accident et al? :D:P;)

Any mention tea hut around here and folk think of High Beech, or those a little nearer London maybe Whipps Cross …

Tea huts tea huts every where and not a drop to drink :w00t:

I’m of in search of the kitchen, I know we have one here somewhere, failing that I’ll head for High Beech, the teas not so good but at least I know where that is :wink:

last time was at BM here was a shed load of people there. Since then, the weather has been crappy so I haven’t gone.

The weather makes a big difference and has been raining lately. I prefer BM to tea hut, but I go both just to make sure I don’t miss out :wink:

But did you have your cock out ! !!

Quoted the wrong post :s

At Leon

Hardly correct

Bm has been getting smaller by the week regardless of the weather. Having attended for 3 years now the only time it was dead was towards 5c in October and when it’s hammering it down with rain.

These happen with meets and I know bm will keep going for long to come but the rules thread did make an impact.


As the ambassador for Blackheath - why not organise a ride for the newbies who don’t know where Blackheath is - or perhaps - those that are scared to turn up and not know anybody?

Seems like a sensible idea to me. What could go wrong?

Kind regards


Ha, ha…yeah right:w00t::smiley:

i agree with kaos

i raarely go BM these days as not many go anymore, too many other meets going on…on the same day?

why not do blackheath mondays, BM wednesdays and ace friday?

i agree about Ace, going EVERY week bores the shit out of me, plus i got other places to be.

I can see theirs a mixture of answers, my main reason for the post, was just looking on the newbie section, you’ll see the pinned topics, and your directed towards the BM meet, so any newbies who maybe dont search to whole forum, arrive at the BM, see a few bikes, and rides off never to return, now I can see shivers point of view, about “rules” but why have a topic,pointing people there, yet not mentioning in that first post the other two alternatives

kaos, we travel from outside of london, most of the traffic is going the opposite direction, ie OUT OF LONDON, so that deffo is a gurly excuse, anyway its fun playing with the cars:w00t:

maybe as suggest, mondays,wenesdays and fridays would be better, or alternative venues on wenesdays,