Shotgun on a motorbike

Last time I had a shotgun, I was too stoned to ride.



You lot knew I’d have to comment on this one :slight_smile:
Sadly not a motorbike but close…



Again not an expert opinion however, in general terms the same regulations would apply to walking around the street carrying one i.e. in an enclosed case, unloaded etc, (the striped down and hidden from view generally only applies to leaving it in an unattended vehicle so is not applicable).

You do need to think what would be the implication for both you and the gun if you were unfortunate enough to come off the bike. Also may be worth considering where you are going with it. Many a toe rag would deliberately off you just to get the gun while your lying on the ground out of it.

Simple solution. Just saw it off so it’ll fit in your topbox. Job’s a good’un. And you’ll find it easier to hit those clay pigeons, rabbits, bike thieves etc at short range.

Downside is it might be less effective at hitting targets more than about 50 feet away (the ones you intend to hit at any rate), and if the police find it they will definitely be keen to ask you a question or two about it…

Why is someone doing the ironing in a barren field? :hehe:

No problem with carrying it on your bike…

If you can walk with it, you can ride with it.

Just make sure you’re not in a position to ‘instant’ arm in a public place (bolt out and case will zipped/locked).

Have fun!

Loved the “ironing in a barren field” question.

I’d still go with my suggestion of the small suitcase. Or even a stout cardboard box. Almost anything that’s not gun shaped.

It’s the old “hidden in plain site” ruse.

As for the police, the instant production of proof of ID and a permit ought to be enough. Providing you don’t get a jobsworth or a rampant incompetant resting on his laurels.

So avoid Essex.

I swear I saw that beast filtering through traffic a long time ago.

I bet the police stop it a lot.

Police stop biker carrying a shotgun

I wouldn’t risk it, as you might get stopped very aggressively.

Less chance of an initial stop, but somewhat harder to explain if you are stopped?