Shotgun on a motorbike

Anyone know what the law says for the transport of a shotgun by motorbike? I have a licence.

Obviously less this:

And more this:

Best I’ve found so far is this from Thames Valley Police:

:w00t: WTF?! No putting it at the front with the shopping then? :rolleyes:

Perhaps you need one of these?:slight_smile:

Have you chatted to the copper who issued your firearms licence?

I know that if you transport it in a vehicle it talks about being concealed but on a bike that would prove difficult. Of course I can’t imagine you’d leave it on the bike so the bit about it being in a locked compartment shouldn’t apply :slight_smile:

Are you talking about riding to a shoot on a public road with a gun case on your back? Legal or not I’d expect a tug every time you go out to be honest especially if it was in town.

All the advice seems to relate to cars and suggest keep it out of site / in slips etc…

Of course you could always stow it in a couple of dry bags strapped to across the seat

A shot gun wont fit in that box and if he’s carrying that much ammunition I want to go shooting with Martin :slight_smile:

So a sawed off butt, piece of string to hang it from your shoulder under a rain coat as in Terminator 1 is not classed as safe then?

I’ve seen a few people wondering around with rife bags in London, whether they have got anything in them is unknown. I guess with a bag like the ones you posted should be ok if that’s what the law says.

Nothing a good metal basher couldn’t sort out.

And if he has that much ammo, I would declare thieving chav season open! :smiley:

Funnily enough … ;)Yesterday my boss tasked me with finding the application forms for him to get a shotgun licence - so whilst I have no idea about transporting it on your bike - I found handy trivia like : you aren’t allowed to shoot game on Sundays or Christmas Day (why?) on the Durham website … which may also help you out by saying:

If the vehicle is left unattended for any reason, the bolt, or other vital part of the shotgun(s) such as the fore-end, should be removed and carried on your person and the remainder of the shotgun concealed preferably in the locked luggage compartment. Which makes perfect sense really - if you were stopped and the bolt/pin weren’t in the gun - then it’s essentially just an ornament/wall hanging?

No, he isn’t the most helpful of chaps. You should see the cabinet he insisted we have. It’s the Chuck Norris of gun safes. Our safe isn’t bolted to the walls, the walls are bolted to the safe.

Yeah you’re almost certainly right, but as long as troops don’t get scrambled to my location, I might be tempted to take my chances depending on the time of day and location. As long as it wasn’t illegal, that is.

Indeed, though I’m somewhat concerned about scratching the gun / having it in contact with the bike and not slung over me. My bike vibrates a non-trivial amount and this won’t do the gun mechanisms any good…

Good response, keep them coming!

Ahhh yes the KTM factor…

Let’s face it. Unless your local firearms officer shoots he’s going to be keen on gun security over sport shooting - bit of a generalisation I know but there you go. I dread to think of the number of forms he’s have to fill in if one of the guns he signed off was stolen :slight_smile:

Also consider the problem of a weapon slung and an unscheduled departure from the bike (i.e you fall off with it down your back)…It’s going to hurt just falling off so what would it be like with a gun strapped to your back - I know I know I’m looking on the bright side…

Technically, I can’t see anything legally wrong in carrying a shotgun on a motorbike, in the manner described. There is someone on here who is far better qualified to give advice regarding firearms legislation than me though…

You would obviously have to ensure it was in a safe state to be carried, and could be carried without causing danger to other road users…

I suspect you may also have to put up with being stopped, possibly looking down the barrel of an MP5, while checks were made as to the legality of your possession of the shotgun.

It would also sting a bit if you fell off with it on your back…

You would however be in a perfect position to dispense some instant justice to errant car drivers :smiley:

In summary, whilst it’s probably legal, I would suggest it’s a very bad idea

My hubby has carried his shotgun on the bike plenty of times but then i made him a special case to carry it in:P;)

Show us a pic!!!

What did you make it out of?

I wouldn’t bother doing it. It ain’t the wild west…

From a licence point of view. I would of though it would be better to carry it in a car…that way its in a more controlled enviroment.

I used to break mine down, stuff it well wrapped into a smallish, lockable suitcase and lock/elasticate it onto the carrier. Never had a problem.

Probably might still work.

But they were different days.

Even a Savage pump action was a legal bit of kit back then. I’d guess not too well recieved now.

wtf your all shotgun slinging rednecks!!! :smiley:

As John said, off hand I can’t think of anything illegal at the moment (as long as you are complying with conditions re where you’re taking it to and what for. - I would have to double check the good books first though.

I also wouldn’t advise it mate. You would certainly get stopped if spotted and it would be by armed officers.

Probably clouds and kittens.

Loving this thread.

Will have to read up on this too, as my club is a lot quicker to get to by bike, but not via the slammer. :smiley: