Shot blasting and powder coating North London - non bike item

Hi People,

Got a front gate that needs shotblasting to get rid of the rust and old paint and then powder coated in two colours. Looked around and found Cray metal finishers are well regarded here but it’s a bit of a trek. Popped into a place near Tottenham who although sound good are not able to do the shotblasting and send out to a place in Waltham Abbey so a bit of an arse as it may come back from them with the need for remedial work before coating. Would rather use someone who does it all in house. Anyone have a recommendation?? Cost they are talking about is circa £100 for a 3ft x 3ft iron gate - does this sound reasonable?

Well I’ve been looking at getting a frame and swing arm powder coated recently from a place in Epping, been quoted about £160 and that includes shot blasting, powder coating, collection and delivery so pretty much on par with yours price wise.