Short term cover...

Hi all

I tried to rent a GSXR1000 last weekend and despite thinking I had met all the necessary criteria, I arrived at the hire place to discover that they cannot insure persons whom have not held a full bike license for 2 yrs. I only passed 15 months ago and was thus refused! :crying:

I was advised that short term cover can be obtained from third party insurers for use with hire bikes etc. I have Googled and found a few, but the online quote form thingy doesn’t seem to want to insure me on a 1000cc bike. I’m guessing this is because I’m 25, as it seems I can get insurance for a 600… The quotes I have (attempted to) obtain do not ask any questions about how long the licence has been held etc so it must be an age-related thing.

So, does anyone know of any insurers who will provide temporary (1 day only) cover for a 25 yr old on a 1000cc bike???

Thanks in advance