shorditch today

Ok so i have seen and been told that george whites in shorditch are looking for sales staff, so i’m heading there in a little while…i have played the route on google three times now and think i know where i am going (dont have tom tom, etc) but just incase is anyone available to help me out if i get lost… its pretty much down the a4 all the way for me and i should be ok till picadilly but you never know! if i get lost i’l post from my phone!!

thanks in advance (hopefully help not needed)

I made it!!! and without getting lost or asking for directions!!

Ah but you don’t get the u-turn practise without the Tom Tom

Are you going for the position then?

Good Luck if you are…

Oh yeah

How did you get on?

It was an interview then?

I went to see them to hand in my CV, also to see how long it would take, and make sure i new where it is (just incase) the guy wasn’t there but i left it with his colleague to pass on, just got to wait and see now!